• FAQs about Silverfish Infestations

    When the conditions outside are less than ideal, some bugs—known by pest control companies as occasional invaders—will make their way into homes. One of these pests is the silverfish. Keep reading to learn the answers to common questions that pest control services near Pleasanton hear about silverfish infestations.

    Why are silverfish in my home?

    Silverfish may be in your home due to unfavorable weather conditions outside. Or, considering that these bugs thrive in damp environments, things like high humidity levels or plumbing leaks may serve as invitations for silverfish to make your home theirs. Because they need to be in a moist environment to survive, you are most likely to see these bugs in areas like basements and bathrooms.

    Are silverfish infestations dangerous?

    Silverfish are not a threat to humans. However, because they like to feed on paper items, they can end up causing damage to items like wallpaper and books. Silverfish might also get into and contaminate food in your pantry.

    How can I prevent a silverfish infestation?

    As with any pest, one way to help keep silverfish out of your home is to seal up any gaps or cracks that they might use to get inside. Besides creating barriers to keep them out, you can help discourage silverfish from entering your home by removing sources of moisture. To do this, repair any roof or plumbing leaks that you may have, better insulate damp attics and crawlspaces, remove rotting wood, use a dehumidifier, and run your bathroom fans after showers and baths to help control moisture. Lastly, remember to keep your dry goods in bug-proof containers and clean up pantry spills right away.

    How can I get rid of a silverfish infestation?

    Implementing the preventive steps listed above is a good pest control strategy that might take care of your silverfish problem. However, if they continue to be a nuisance in your home despite taking these steps, then consider hiring a residential pest treatment company for professional insect control services.

  • 3 Services That Can Help Keep Your Property’s Landscaping Looking Great This Season

    Your commercial property’s landscaping can play an important role in helping clients and customers feel welcome and comfortable when visiting your company. Continue reading to learn how scheduling tractor mowing, garden spraying, and tree disease treatment in Dublin can help maintain the look of your commercial landscaping this season.

    Tractor Mowing

    To help keep your lawn healthy, prepare it for winter, and ready it for spring, your property’s grass should continue to be mowed for as long as it is still growing. If you need help keeping your commercial property’s lawn neatly trimmed, then consider taking advantage of tractor mowing services. By hiring professionals who have the equipment and experience to do the job right, you can help ensure that your grass continues to look well-maintained throughout the fall season. Lawn

    Garden Spraying

    Weeds, insects, and other nuisances can mar or damage your property’s landscaping, even during the cooler months. If you’re dealing with a bug or weed problem on your commercial property, then consider working with a pest control company to treat your lawn and garden areas. By hiring a plant technician to evaluate your property and create a weed or pest treatment plan, you can look forward to benefitting from efficient and knowledgeable garden spraying services that will help protect your plants and keep your property looking its best.

    Tree Treatment

    Trees are attractive features that can lend shade and natural beauty to your commercial property, but because of how long it can take trees to grow, protecting yours from bugs and diseases should be a priority if you want to keep your landscaping looking well-maintained. If one or more of the trees on your property is showing signs of trouble, such as twig dieback, spotted leaves, white or black coatings on leaves, leaf loss, or cankers, then consider calling for tree disease treatment sooner rather than later. By hiring a professional to diagnose and treat your trees, you may be able to prevent the problem from spreading and stop sick trees from dying.

  • How Cockroaches Affect Allergies

    Cockroach infestations are a common reason why many home and business owners end up hiring professional pest control services . These bugs are despised by many, but what people may not realize is that they can affect human health. If you’re dealing with a cockroach infestation in Dublin, then watch this video to learn how cockroaches can affect allergies.

    It’s typical for people to think of pollen, dust, and animal dander when it comes to allergy and asthma triggers. However, many people don’t realize that cockroaches can be triggers, too. The saliva, droppings, and decomposing bodies of these common household pests contain allergen proteins, which are known to trigger allergies and worsen asthma symptoms. A pest control company can inspect your home, determine where cockroaches are present, and then recommend a pest control strategy.

  • What is Crown Rot?

    What is Crown Rot?

    While it typically doesn’t take much to keep a tree happy, it’s important to keep an eye on these plants both to ensure that they are healthy and to rule out any tree-related safety hazards. If you’re wondering if you may need tree disease treatment in Pleasanton because one or more trees on your property appear unhealthy, then read on to learn about one common tree disease called crown rot.

    Recognizing Crown Rot

    Crown rot is a fungal disease that tends to develop in areas with dense soils and wet conditions. While this problem typically affects garden plants, it can infect shrubs and trees as well. Crown rot can be tricky to confirm if you aren’t experienced in tree disease diagnoses, as it can be similar in appearance to other problems. Also, it can be difficult to notice that there is anything wrong until it is too late, as the disease often produces few outward signs early on. Above ground, a tree that is infected with crown rot may appear drought-stressed, with leaf wilt spreading from one branch outward. At the crown, you might see dark spots in the bark caused by oozing sap or gum. When crown rot attacks the roots, the plant tends to die more slowly than if it attacks the base of the tree. Also, younger trees are more likely to die from crown rot due to their less established root systems.

    Treating Crown Rot Tree

    Unfortunately, the successful treatment of crown rot is not an easy task. For this reason, if you suspect that any of your property’s trees or plants may be infected with this fungal disease, then you should consider contacting a tree disease treatment company. By hiring an expert for this job, you are more likely to get an accurate diagnosis so you can decide what steps to take next, whether that’s treating or removing the tree. Because crown rot can damage the roots of a tree and render it unstable, it may be safest to handle advanced cases of this disease with tree removal.

  • Benefits of Commercial Pest Control

    No matter what kind of business you own, maintaining a clean and comfortable facility is important for promoting the health of the people in the building and supporting your workforce’s satisfaction. Besides this, depending on your industry, adhering to regulations regarding facility cleanliness can mean the difference between keeping your doors open or not. For these reasons, many business owners hire commercial pest control near Pleasanton when they notice the first signs of an infestation in their building. Clip art

    Whether you’re dealing with an ant issue, a cockroach infestation, or some other type of pest problem, you have several good reasons to consider taking advantage of commercial pest control services. By acting immediately and calling in a professional, you can tackle your pest problem before it becomes a bigger one. Also, eliminating infestations from your property can help promote the health of you can your team, as many bugs can spread germs as they crawl from one surface to another. Finally, commercial pest control can help make your building more comfortable to work in by ridding it of unwanted pests.

  • How Cockroaches Can Affect Your Family’s Health

    For many people, just the sight of cockroaches is disturbing enough for them to call a pest control company. However, these bugs can be more than unsightly. If you’ve seen some of these pests in your home and you’re unsure if you should call for cockroach extermination in Dublin , then keep reading to learn how these vermin can affect your family’s health.

    They Can Spread Germs

    The feeling of disgust that many people feel when they see a cockroach is not unjustified. These insects are known to spread a variety of human pathogens, such as salmonella, E. coli, and giardia. Cockroaches typically spread germs by crawling around in unsanitary areas and collecting bacteria and parasites on their legs. Then, as they crawl across tables and countertops at night, they can leave behind pathogens that may later be contracted by people.


    They Can Trigger Allergies

    It’s bad enough that cockroaches can spread a variety of germs and diseases, but there is another health threat for you to consider. Cockroaches can trigger allergy symptoms in sensitive individuals, and they can also exacerbate asthma symptoms. The allergen trigger can be found in cockroach saliva, droppings, and decomposing bodies, and it can be particularly problematic for children. For these reasons, contacting a professional pest treatment company about your cockroach infestation can be a smart way to protect your family’s health.

    They’re Hard to Get Rid Of

    Unfortunately for many homeowners, cockroaches are incredibly resilient, rendering many amateur attempts at extermination unsuccessful. If you have a cockroach problem that you want to eliminate as soon as possible, then consider calling a local pest control company. To help make your home less hospitable for cockroaches in the future, seal up all possible entryways, such as drains, light sockets, and gaps around your home’s exterior. Also, remove sources of moisture, such as leaky pipes and dripping faucets. Finally, maintain a clean home by washing food dishes immediately, cleaning crumbs from eating surfaces, and vacuuming regularly.

  • What Are Earwigs?

    If you have started to notice creepy, crawly bugs around your home, you might have an earwig problem. When you watch this video, you will learn some quick tips that can help you identify earwigs and plan a pest controls strategy. Earwigs have six legs, a pair of antennae, and a long pincer on their back ends. By setting up residential pest control serving Pleasanton , you can keep earwigs out of your indoor spaces.

    In the fight against earwigs, you will have several eco friendly pest control options. One popular insect control method is to eliminate sources of moisture and shelter throughout your home. By keeping your house clean and dry, you will ensure that you are not providing earwigs with the environment that they need to reproduce.

  • Tractor Mowing Services That Can Improve Your Commercial Property

    The landscaping around your commercial property will have a major impact on the overall appeal of your business. If you have let your commercial lawn grow too tall, you may be in need of tractor mowing services . A company that offers weed control and commercial pest control in Dublin can provide you with quality tractor mowing for your turf. To help you prepare for your appointment from a lawn and pest control company, here is a look at some tractor mowing services that can improve your commercial property.

    Routine Site Mowing

    If you want to make sure that your commercial lawn looks tidy and freshly cut at all times, you may want to schedule routine site mowing from a yard maintenance company. By setting up tractor mowing services at regular intervals, you can make sure that your grass never gets too long. Your lawn maintenance technician can help you determine the ideal interval for your mowing services.


    One Time Maintenance

    Even if you prefer to maintain your commercial property using your own tools and equipment, your turf could benefit from a one-time maintenance appointment. During a one-time service, a lawn care technician will use a tractor to mow your grass. After your service is concluded, you will find that you have a much easier time keeping up with your commercial lawn’s mowing and edging requirements. Setting up tractor mowing services can give you a head start on your routine commercial landscaping.

    Easement and Access Road Cutting

    Some large commercial properties contain easements or access roads. If the grass along these roadways is not regularly cut, it can quickly overtake the pavement and create a driving hazard. To restore the appearance and safety of your easement or access road, you can set up professional tractor mowing services. Using a tractor, your lawn control technician can quickly cut back any long grass that may be hanging over your road. If you have decided that your commercial property would benefit from a tractor mow, call now to book your appointment.

  • Tips for Taking Care of Your Trees

    Trees require regular pruning and maintenance in order to grow healthy and strong. By taking the time to trim and inspect the trees in your yard, you can help to prevent diseases and other serious tree problems. A company that offers weed control and pest control near Dublin will also be able to provide you with a variety of services for your trees. With prompt tree disease diagnoses and pest treatment, you can keep invading pests from destroying the beautiful trees that grow around your property.

    Tips for taking care of your trees

    As you are preparing your yard for the upcoming fall and winter seasons, you will need to pay special attention to your trees. Before your trees go dormant this winter, take the time to schedule pruning services with a yard care professional. Pruning trees before the start of the winter months can help them to grow back more vigorously during the spring. Along with routine pruning, you can care for your trees by mulching their root systems and regularly checking for signs of common tree diseases .

  • The Homeowner’s Guide to Earwigs

    Earwigs are among the creepiest bugs that can invade your home and garden. If your home has become infested with a colony of earwigs, trust a residential pest control professional to help you eliminate the issue. Using eco friendly pest control services, your exterminator can provide you with effective insect control for your yard. Before you schedule pest control near Pleasanton , however, you may want to read up on some essential facts about earwigs. Let’s take a look at what every homeowner should know about identifying and destroying these bothersome insects.


    Earwig in Pleasanton, CA

    Due to their unique features, earwigs are typically easy to identify. To determine whether you are dealing with an earwig problem in your home, look for insects that have long, brown bodies and characteristic pincers on the back ends of their abdomens. Be careful not to get too close to an earwig, as it can use its pincers to produce a painful pinch.


    Earwigs are mostly nocturnal, which means that they are more likely to become active after the sun has set. When you are searching for an earwig nest around your home or garden, look in sheltered spaces that are protected from direct sunlight. Since earwigs require moisture in order to live and thrive, they may make their nests underneath bathroom sinks and close to other water sources. These nasty critters also like to live underneath fallen leaves or piles of branches.


    To get rid of earwigs around your property, you will likely need to hire a professional exterminator. Your pest control technician will have access to special extermination methods that are designed to kill off earwig nests at the source. If you want to make sure that your earwig problem does not return in the future, set up regular preventative treatments with your extermination company. By treating earwigs before they can reproduce, you will keep your home free of pests.