•€ If it rains, will outside treatment materials wash away?

Once the product has dried following application, the carriers (water and other inert ingredients) will evaporate leaving a durable residual that adheres to surfaces and is resistant to being washed away by rain. Some residual granules that we use are actually activated by water, so a rainfall up to approximately ¼ inch of rain is needed to activate the residual in the granules. Many bait type granules are manufactured to withstand some level of rainfall and still be effective while others need to be applied in areas protected from water.

• Will I still see pests after treatment?

Following an initial service, some pests will still be present for a period of time, however the product will still be working and reducing this number. Pests outside of the treated zone will not be effected by the product applied unless or until they enter the treated area. This residual treated zone acts as a barrier to help keep pests away from your home. Pests will continually be attempting to gain access to your home, this is why for the best results, an ongoing service, like our Perimeter Protection Plan is recommended. If you have more than an occasional sighting of pests inside, please call us. We’ll be happy to schedule a service call at no additional cost to you.

• How effective are electrical pest control systems that are on the market?

Ultrasonic devices have been tested by entomologists at major universities and have been found to have little to no effect on insects and other pests. While they won’€™t make the problem worse, We don’€™t feel they will be of much benefit either. We don’t recommend their use.

• Why should the outside rather than the inside of my home be treated for pests?

By treating the exterior of your home, we reduce the population of the insects that are just outside your home, waiting for an opportunity to get in. This provides a much greater chance of preventing access to the inside of your home, where they can potentially cause problems and even damage.

• How long does a perimeter pest treatment last?

It’s difficult to give an exact length of time on how long a treatment will last because it often depends on your specific pest problem weather conditions. However the effective life (the amount of time the product application will likely still be able to kill the target insect) appears to be close to if not up to 60 days. This is why we generally suggest a bi-monthly program for most people. Most customers are quite satisfied with the results achieved with a bi-monthly service. However, if your pest tolerance is especially low, you might be happier with a monthly application. We sell both and will be happy to perform either for you.

• What should I do to prepare for a perimeter treatment?

One of the best things about perimeter pest control is how easy it is on you. Unlike an indoor treatment where you’re sometimes required to cover and move certain items, there is little preparation needed prior to the technician making the treatment. Your help keeping any toys, tools, or garden hoses lying next to your house picked up will be appreciated. If these items are in an area that we need to treat, and have not been removed prior to our arrival, we will remove them from the area we need to treat prior to our treatment or if removal is not feasible we will not treat that particular area. Another plus: Since the exterior of your home is being treated, you don’t have to be home for the technician to make the treatment. Our customers say this is one of their favorite parts about our service.

• Will the treatment harm the grass, shrubberies or flowers around my home?

No. Even with direct contact, you never have to worry about the product we use harming the soil or lawn.

• Should children and pets be kept away from the treated area?

Children and pets as well as everyone else should stay off the treated area until surfaces are dry. Once the surfaces are dry, use the treated area as you would normally and take comfort that they are not likely to contain bugs.

• Is there any odor with the treatment?

Generally, the answer here is no. Some people are more sensitive to smells and odors than others, for this reason we are reluctant to say there will be NO ODOR. With that being said, for the most part customers tell us they cannot smell the application at all.

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