Tree Disease Diagnosis and Treatment in Dublin

The appearance of your lawn or yard plays an integral role in the overall curb appeal of your property. Trees that are in poor health not only look unappealing, they can also cause widespread damage if disease spreads throughout your property. The first step in tree disease treatment is tree disease diagnosis to determine the cause of your trees’ appearance. Performance Pest Management offers plant disease treatment in and around Dublin, CA, in addition to our comprehensive residential and commercial pest control and pest removal services.

When making a tree or plant diagnosis, we:

  • Accurately identify the plant
  • Look for a pattern of abnormality
  • Carefully examine the landscape
  • Examine the roots
  • Check the trunk and branches
  • Note the position and appearance of affected leaves

Common Tree Diseases

There are a variety of tree diseases that can affect the look of your California yard. Knowing some of the most common diseases found among trees in the Bay Area can help you to identify a problem and seek professional tree disease diagnosis and treatment.

  • Anthracnose is one of the most common tree diseases in California. This fungal disease affects hardwood trees, causing the leaves to develop brown or black splotches that sometimes resemble scorch marks.
  • Crown rot typically affects garden plants, but can also spread to shrubbery and trees. This disease is caused by a soil-borne fungus and leads to rotted areas on tree branches and on the trunk near the roots.
  • Aspen canker can be caused by one of many different types of fungi that infect aspen trees, which are commonly found throughout the Western United States. Canker diseases can cause sunken oval areas on the bark in their early stages, but lead to widespread damage and areas of crumbling bark over time.
  • Dutch Elm Disease is a fungal disease that causes yellow or brown foliage and dark brown or black streaks on the wood just under the bark. This disease can often be confused with damage caused by an elm leaf beetle infestation, making proper tree disease diagnosis especially important.

Methods of Tree Disease Treatment

Your tree disease treatment options depend upon the type of disease or pest affecting your property. Performance Pest Management can help you maintain your trees, lawn, and property in the Bay Area; call us today at (925) 417-0900 for more information about pest treatment and tree disease treatment in your area.

  • Fungicides are used to kill the fungi that cause many common tree diseases. Treatment methods include tree spraying or injection of fungicide into the truck, branches, or soil.
  • Changes in your tree care routine can help to control disease and prevent recurrence. Your tree disease treatment professional can outline pruning, feeding, and watering habits that will protect your trees.
  • Pest removal and long-term preventive pest treatment are effective in cases where tree disease is caused by infestation.

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