• Tips for Controlling Pests During the Spring Months

    Every season has its own version of pests, but many of them usually make an appearance during the spring. These bugs are waking up, the weather is perfect, and their favorite plants are blooming. Don’t let pests ruin your spring season; consider simple pest control options, such as keeping plants away from the house and removing clutter. Residential pest control near Pleasanton is the best way to keep your yard, home, and family safe from pests, but there are also some things you can do to control pests during this active time of the year.


    Keep the Compost Away

    Pests love the decomposing piles of composts and other plants that you might keep near the house. You might think you’re creating rich soil from your compost pile, until you discover a cockroach infestation lurking in the depths. This may not be a bad thing—bugs and insects have their own jobs to do when it comes to compost—but if an infestation is near the house, you might be in trouble. Keep your compost piles, plants, and shrubs away from your doors and windows. If you don’t like the idea of bugs around your home or business at all, then call a pest control company to perform a professional removal.

    Tighten House Seals

    Bugs and insects are crafty creatures, and they can find their way through the smallest of holes. Once they’re through the tiny cracks in the doors or window seals, you might have a big problem on your hands. Before spring warms up too much, check every door and window in your home or business to be sure the seals are tight. Seal any holes in the walls, attic, or basement, and repair damaged weather-stripping or torn window screens.

    Spring Clean

    Similar to compost piles, pests and bugs love that pile of clutter in the garage or attic. Many of these piles create dark and damp spaces for them to crawl in and potentially lay eggs. Get the family together for a deep spring cleaning day throughout the house and garage. This will help with your pest control.

  • Tips for Hiring an Exterminator

    When hiring a residential pest control company in Dublin, CA, there are a few things to remember. You want the company that will stand by their word and deliver a complete pest extermination. As you can see in the video, the process of hiring pest removal services shouldn’t be difficult, but it does require a few steps.

    First, you should only hire a state licensed pest control company. Try to get more than one company’s estimate with multiple references from each. Once you have reputable references in hand, along with the full estimate of the pest treatment, consider each estimate closely. If a company is more expensive, it doesn’t always mean its better. Vice versa, if a company is inexpensive, this doesn’t mean it won’t do the best job.

  • Spotlight on Tractor Mowing

    When you have an exceptionally large lawn, or if you’re responsible for mowing an entire commercial property, look for tractor mowing services near Dublin . This fast and convenient way of landscaping your lawn will save you hours of frustration, and these services often have pest treatment options for any trouble areas of your lawn or building.

    Tractor mowing services will tailor their services to your needs. If your property needs a one-time mowing for a large event, that can be arranged. When your property is a school or frequently used commercial lawn, tractor mowing can be set up as a scheduled service. These professionals are also able to reach those hard spots of a lawn that cause you the most frustration.

    Once your property has been mowed to perfection, you might notice pests and insects start running around. Your tractor mowing company will often have a pest control suggestion or product to help you. Call your commercial pest control company for all the help you’ll need for your lawn!


  • Getting Your Lawn Ready for the Spring Season

    Spring is just around the corner, and your property is still trying to get over the cold snaps of winter. Lawn spraying , along with commercial pest control, is important to help bring your lawn back to life. A landscaping and/or pest management company in Dublin can help you get started on the best ways to get your property ready for spring. Until then, here are a few tips for getting your lawn ready for the warmer weather ahead.


    Remove the Thatch

    Thatch is all of the old grass stems, leaves, and everything else that might’ve accumulated during the winter. When your lawn is covered in all of this dead weight, sunlight and moisture can’t reach the roots. The easiest way to remove thatch is to mow it and dispose of the clippings. If you have a compost pile, old thatch would be a perfect addition. Depending on the size of your property, you might benefit from tractor mowing services. These professionals can mow, collect, and dispose of the thatch quickly and efficiently. Also, they can probably offer you advice and/or help you landscape your lawn.

    Let It Breathe

    On top of the thatch covering your property, after a long winter the ground needs to breathe. Soil can become packed and hard from the elements of winter, and trying to plant new grass or trees will be that much more difficult. There are machines called core aerators that can break up your soil and get the nutrients and air flowing again. Once you’ve aerated the soil, you can plant your grass, trees, and flowers.

    Weed Control

    One of the biggest battles a gardener or landscaper will face is weeds. Before the temperature gets too warm, and after you’ve aerated the soil, add a weed control product. If you’re not positive which is the best product, ask your pest control company for recommendations. Also, if you’re planting grass, most weed control products will kill it. Decide beforehand how you wish to landscape your property and treat it before spring.

  • Tips for Avoiding Pests in Your Pantry

    Even in the most immaculate of clean kitchens, pests can still find their way into your pantry. No matter how clean your kitchen is, there are still certain precautions you can take to avoid the inevitable pest in your pantry. While pest extermination near Dublin is your best bet in riding your pantry from bugs; there are some things you can do to keep your pantry pest free. Keep reading for some helpful tips on pest control in your kitchen.


    Know What Pests to Look Out For

    Knowing what types of insects or pests are attracted to food and items stored in your pantry can help you know what you are up against. Certain bugs are attracted to the food and drawn into the pantry, and others can show up in food purchased from the grocery store. Since insects can reproduce year round and have many different life cycles, it may be hard to determine what is where. Indian meal moths are one of the most commonly found pests in pantries. They are able to lay hundreds of eggs at a time near food. Other popular culprits include different types of beetles.

    Prevent Pests in Your Kitchen

    In addition to pest removal services, your best line of defense against these critters is prevention. Many times you can eliminate pests in your food by avoiding bringing them home in the first place. When shopping for food, especially packaged items such as sugar or flour, you should be sure to check that it is properly sealed and the container has not been damaged.

    Learn the Best Way to Store Food

    Once food is in your pantry, proper storage can help keep unwanted pests out. For best results, using airtight containers can prevent bugs from getting into food. Be mindful of expiration dates on food, and use older items before opening new ones. Of course, when in doubt consult a local pest extermination expert for tips on pest control.