• Creating a Custom Lawn Care Program

    If your yard appears unhealthy due to insect infestations or plant disease, it may benefit from lawn spraying in Dublin as part of a custom lawn care program. Regular pest control services for your property can help keep it protected from unwanted bugs and illness. landscaping - machinery

    Custom lawn care programs allow you to choose the professional lawn and garden services that will maximize your property’s benefit. Services include tractor mowing, weed control, scheduled maintenance, lawn spraying, pest control, and more. Our integrated approach to weed management will help keep your property weed-free and beautiful year-round, and our environmentally friendly spraying services will keep your plants and lawn healthy.

    Performance Pest Management specializes in lawn care, pest control, and pest treatment services to keep your property free of insect infestations. Our company’s knowledgeable and efficient team of plant technicians has successfully served the Bay Area for more than 35 years with customizable lawn and garden services for both commercial and residential properties.

  • Why Would You Schedule Tractor Mowing Services

    If you’re feeling overwhelmed with maintaining your lawn’s neat appearance, you can likely benefit from tractor mowing services in Dublin. Ideal for larger areas without too many tight spaces or steep slopes, tractor mowing services can save you a significant amount of time and trouble when it comes to keeping your property well-kept. mowed - grass

    To Save Time and Hassle

    Large residential properties, schools, warehouses, and any location with a large amount of lawn space can benefit from tractor mowing services. Lawn care is a sweaty, itchy, time-consuming chore even for smaller lawns, and the bigger your yard or grassy area, the more time you will need to invest in caring for it. Besides saving you time, scheduling tractor mowing services will save you the hassle of maintaining the mowing equipment and paying for any necessary repairs.

    For Professional Quality

    Professional lawn and garden service companies are the best at what they do, so people who want a beautifully manicured lawn stand to gain a great deal from professional mowing services. An experienced lawn care service will also be able to identify problems with your lawn—for instance, a need for pest control or plant disease treatment—that you may miss until you have a big problem on your hands. Tractor mowing can also leave your lawn looking more attractive than a push mower would, creating broad, clean lines through your trimmed grass. When you schedule tractor mowing services, your landscape contractor will evaluate your property to determine the best equipment and schedule for keeping your lawn at its best.

    For Complete Lawn Care

    When you choose to hire a custom lawn and garden care maintenance service, you can rest assured that your property’s grass will be beautifully cut and professionally maintained on a consistent schedule. Along with weed control, pest treatment, and scheduled maintenance, expert tractor mowing services will keep your lawn looking attractive and healthy while you are busy with work and your daily life.

  • Diseases that Commonly Affect California Citrus Trees

    Trees that are in poor health can look unattractive, but they can also spread illness to other plants on your property. The first step for successful tree disease treatment in Pleasanton is tree disease diagnosis. A few common conditions seen on California citrus trees include citrus nematode, sooty mold, and anthracnose. citrus - tree

    Citrus Nematode

    This disease is caused by tiny, unsegmented roundworms called plant-parasitic nematodes. These parasites live in the soil around the plant and in the plant itself, feeding off of its roots. Aboveground symptoms of a citrus nematode problem include a decline in growth, twig dieback, small fruit size, and reduced yield. Underground, you will likely find poor growth on the tree’s feeder roots, and a dirty appearance to the roots as the soil will often stick to them. Once established in a grove, the nematodes can’t be eradicated, so the best form of pest control is to manage them using nematicides.

    Sooty Mold

    This common condition doesn’t infect the plant itself, but grows on its surfaces and can indirectly damage the tree. Sooty mold is a name used for several species of fungi that can grow on trees and create what looks like a layer of soot that blocks sunlight. When honeydew, a sticky, liquid excretion left behind by insects that eat the tree’s sap, is left on the plants, sooty mold can develop. Most trees can handle a small insect population and the sooty mold they encourage, but plant disease treatment may be necessary if the honeydew attracts additional insects, such as ants, or if the tree begins to fail. Common treatments for sooty mold include pest control, insecticidal soaps, and horticultural oils.


    Anthracnose is one of the most common tree diseases seen in California, and it can affect citrus trees in addition to other deciduous and evergreen varieties. This condition causes dark, sunken lesions to form on a tree’s stems, leaves, flowers, and fruits. Anthracnose is a fungal disease that usually won’t cause permanent damage to a tree and can be managed by improving air flow through the plant’s branches and fungicide applications.

  • Tips for Eliminating Ant Piles

    Are you looking for pest control for an ant infestation near Pleasanton? If you have noticed ant piles popping up around your lawn, you may have an ant problem. The first step in getting rid of ants is to determine what type of ant you’re dealing with. Watch this video for some tips on eliminating ant piles.

    Smaller ant piles frequently belong to common, indigenous ants, and sprinkling the area with a pest control dust will often take care of the problem. If you live in a warmer climate and the ant piles are large, there’s a good chance that the piles belong to fire ants. Getting rid of fire ants typically requires a combination of ant baits and dusts.