• Diagnosing Tree Diseases

    If you’re concerned that your trees are suffering from disease, you should seek professional tree disease diagnosis in Dublin as soon as possible. A tree disease expert can inspect your trees and provide you with an accurate tree disease diagnosis and effective tree disease treatment. Without a tree disease diagnosis and treatment, you run the risk that all of your trees will die.

    When your tree disease expert begins inspecting your trees, he will first look for a pattern of abnormality. He will do this by examining the tree’s roots, the landscape, and checking the tree trunk and branches. He will also note the position and appearance of affected leaves, twigs, bark, and branches.

    There are several common tree diseases that your tree may need treatment for. The most common tree diseases in the Bay Area are anthracnose, crown rot, aspen canker, and dutch elm disease. Once your expert makes a tree disease diagnosis, he can develop an effective tree disease treatment plan. This plan may include spraying or injecting your trees or soil with fungicide, changing your tree care routine, and performing preventative pest control or pest removal services.


  • How to Spot Pantry Pests

    An ant, moth, rodent, or cockroach infestation in your kitchen cabinets or pantry is a serious problem. In order to determine if you need pest removal services near Dublin , you need to be able to spot pantry pests, or at least recognize the signs of an infestation. The sooner you contact a residential pest control company, the less likely you are to suffer from damage to your home or your health due to an infestation.

    Watch this video for some great tips for spotting pantry pests in your home. A pest control expert gives expert advice for recognizing and treating a dangerous pantry pest infestation.

  • A Look at the Health Dangers of a Cockroach Infestation

    If you have a cockroach infestation near Pleasanton , you should seek residential pest control services as soon as possible. Getting rid of cockroaches on your own is extremely difficult, and the longer they are in your home, the higher your risk of suffering from health complications. Here is a look at some of the health dangers that a cockroach infestation presents.


    They Spread Diseases and Bacteria

    Cockroaches carry and spread various diseases, pathogens, bacteria, and germs. When they travel throughout your home, they leave a path of urine, feces, and regurgitated saliva and digestive fluids that contain harmful agents that can be transmitted to humans. These agents can cause E. coli, salmonella, typhoid, urinary tract infections, digestive problems, and sepsis. If anyone in your household is very young, very old, or already has a compromised immune system or serious illness, these diseases can be life threatening.

    They Contaminate Food and Household Surfaces

    When cockroaches are eating, they will defecate on their food source and any other household surface that they come across. Their feces contain bacteria, dead skin, and empty egg shells. Almost anything is a food source to a cockroach, including human food, plants, soap, glue, paper, and leather. This means that almost anything in your house may be contaminated due to a cockroach infestation. If a cockroach contaminates food that you later eat, you can suffer from severe food poisoning.

    They Aggravate Respiratory Problems

    Cockroaches can both cause and aggravate respiratory problems. The saliva that cockroaches continually secrete contains hundreds of allergens that can cause rashes, sneezing, and itchy, watery eyes. Cockroach infestations can also aggravate existing allergy symptoms. If you or anyone else in your household suffers from asthma, a cockroach infestation can be especially dangerous. You are at a higher risk of an asthma attack due to contamination, and cockroach allergens can cause severe complications with asthma. People can also become asthmatic by inhaling cockroach allergens.

  • A Look at Spider Removal Methods

    Spiders are among the most dreaded pests that can be found in the home. When you find that your home has a spider infestation, you will want to schedule pest control right away . Your pest control company will have the training and tools needed to fully eliminate a spider problem on your property. To remove spiders, an exterminator will employ several different insect control techniques. Along with spraying for spiders, your pest control professional may also remove any visible traces of spider webs. With the help of a company offering pest control services in Dublin, you can rest assured that spiders are not lingering around your property. To learn more about some of the most common spider removal methods, be sure to take a look at this video from expertvillage.