• What Are Earwigs?

    If you have started to notice creepy, crawly bugs around your home, you might have an earwig problem. When you watch this video, you will learn some quick tips that can help you identify earwigs and plan a pest controls strategy. Earwigs have six legs, a pair of antennae, and a long pincer on their back ends. By setting up residential pest control serving Pleasanton , you can keep earwigs out of your indoor spaces.

    In the fight against earwigs, you will have several eco friendly pest control options. One popular insect control method is to eliminate sources of moisture and shelter throughout your home. By keeping your house clean and dry, you will ensure that you are not providing earwigs with the environment that they need to reproduce.

  • The Homeowner’s Guide to Earwigs

    Earwigs are among the creepiest bugs that can invade your home and garden. If your home has become infested with a colony of earwigs, trust a residential pest control professional to help you eliminate the issue. Using eco friendly pest control services, your exterminator can provide you with effective insect control for your yard. Before you schedule pest control near Pleasanton , however, you may want to read up on some essential facts about earwigs. Let’s take a look at what every homeowner should know about identifying and destroying these bothersome insects.


    Earwig in Pleasanton, CA

    Due to their unique features, earwigs are typically easy to identify. To determine whether you are dealing with an earwig problem in your home, look for insects that have long, brown bodies and characteristic pincers on the back ends of their abdomens. Be careful not to get too close to an earwig, as it can use its pincers to produce a painful pinch.


    Earwigs are mostly nocturnal, which means that they are more likely to become active after the sun has set. When you are searching for an earwig nest around your home or garden, look in sheltered spaces that are protected from direct sunlight. Since earwigs require moisture in order to live and thrive, they may make their nests underneath bathroom sinks and close to other water sources. These nasty critters also like to live underneath fallen leaves or piles of branches.


    To get rid of earwigs around your property, you will likely need to hire a professional exterminator. Your pest control technician will have access to special extermination methods that are designed to kill off earwig nests at the source. If you want to make sure that your earwig problem does not return in the future, set up regular preventative treatments with your extermination company. By treating earwigs before they can reproduce, you will keep your home free of pests.

  • Spotting the Early Signs of a Bug Problem in Your Hotel

    Pest treatment and control can be a vital part of maintaining the cleanliness and good reputation of your business. If you’re wondering if your hotel may need commercial pest control in Pleasanton , then read on to learn about the early warnings signs of some common pest problems. infested - hotels


    When it comes to pests, few insects inspire the levels of revulsion that cockroaches can. For this reason, it’s important to be on the lookout for the early signs of this type of bug problem. Cockroaches are nocturnal, so you may have a better chance of spotting these bugs when searching at night. If an infestation is underway, then you will probably find their feces on the ground, which resemble coffee grounds or small, dark cylinders.


    Even though most spiders are harmless to humans, you can bet that your customers won’t be happy to spot one in the shower or see one dropping down from the ceiling. There are a few warnings signs that can indicate your hotel is developing a spider problem. Look for spider webs in and around the building while keeping in mind that webs come in a wide range of shapes and sizes. Some smart areas to check are anywhere you find other insects such as ants and flies. Also, damp environments and places like closets, storage spaces, basements, and wall and ceiling junctions should be checked.


    Ants are a common type of pest, and they show up in a variety of environments. One of the first indicators that you might see at the beginning of an infestation is the presence of anthills around your building’s exterior. Also, you may spot a few stray ants here and there inside of your hotel. These wandering ants shouldn’t be ignored because they are probably hunting for food sources for their colony. To help avoid a major problem, consider calling a commercial pest control company at the first indication of an ant infestation.

  • Are There Earwigs in Your Home?

    Few people enjoy the shock of finding a bug or other type of pest in the home that they work so hard to maintain, and yet it happens all the time. While some of these pests mind their own business, others are dangerous and warrant an immediate call for residential pest control serving Dublin. It helps to be familiar with the different types of pests you may find in your home so you can find the source of the problem and call for pest services immediately. Keep reading if you would like to find out how to determine if there are earwigs in your home. residential pest control in dublin, ca

    Earwig Identification
    It is impossible to tell what kind of bugs you have crawling around your house if you do not understand how to visually identify them . Earwigs are easy to identify because of the small pincers located towards the back of the body. These pincers may be smaller on female earwigs, while they are longer and often curved in males. Their short bodies are typically a shade of brown, and some earwigs have wings. It should be noted, however, that even winged earwigs do not fly frequently.

    Why You Might Have Them
    Whether you are trying to locate the source of your problem or doing some research to prevent an infestation in the first place, it helps to know what attracts earwigs. Like many other pests, earwigs enter the home when they cannot find suitable conditions outdoors. They need food and moisture to survive, so they will infiltrate your home if that is where they can find these necessities. Be cognizant of where you store your garbage, and keep your home clean and free of excess moisture to prevent earwigs.

    How to Get Rid of Them
    You can start to eliminate your earwig infestation by vacuuming the offenders that you come across and strategically placing certain powders around the house. It is wise to call your local pest control professionals when you first notice signs of an infestation; these specialists will come bearing the proper equipment, knowledge, and skillset necessary for a complete eradication.