• Differences Between Bees and Wasps

    Have you noticed bees or wasps on your property and are wondering if you need pest control near Dublin ? Both of these types of insects are common reasons for home and business owners to seek pest treatment. If you’re wondering which one you’re dealing with, watch this video to learn some of the differences between bees and wasps.

    Bees have hairy bodies in a robust shape, and wasps tend to have slimmer bodies that appear smooth and shiny. Both bees and wasps feed on flowers’ nectar, and both can sting if they feel threatened. If you find a wasp nest on your property, experts advise calling pest removal services. A pest control professional will be able to deal with the nest safely and efficiently.

  • Removing Bees from Your Attic

    Bees can make it difficult to enjoy a picnic or an outdoor sporting event, but invading your home is crossing the line. If you have bees in your attic, it is important to have them removed by an exterminator near Dublin . The proper pest removal procedures are essential in ensuring no one is injured during the bee removal process. Watch this video for a lesson on removing bees from your attic.

    Whether you have bumblebees, honeybees, or any other kind of bees in your home, it is wise to remove them as soon as possible. Walk around your house and see if you can tell exactly where the bees are coming and going. This will give you an idea of where the core of the infestation lies. You can then direct your pest control professional to this area and he or she can safely treat the area with bee and wasp killer.

  • Signs of a Pest Problem

    Bees, wasps, and yellow jackets can pose a serious threat to yourself and your guests. Any unwanted pests in your house should be treated with a residential pest control company. For example, your exterminator may apply special spray treatments to your windows and doors. Additionally, your residential pest control company may also help you clear away any conditions that are attracting insects to your home. When you are scheduling pest removal, you should also make sure that your company offering pest control in San Ramon is fully licensed and insured. For more information about the common signs of a pest control problem, as well as your treatment options, be sure to check out this video from Angie’s List.

  • Yellow Jackets and Bees and Wasps, Oh My!

    They might not be as frightening as lions, tigers, and bears, but winged stinging insects have their own reasons to be feared. For starters, getting stung by a yellow jacket, bee, or wasp hurts— a lot . If that wasn’t a good enough reason to avoid these stinging flying insects, there have also been numerous reports over the years of people actually dying from yellow jacket, bee, and wasp attacks. With all the extra time you’ll be spending outside over the next couple of months, we put together this brief guide to help you battle these common stinging insects. If your home or business is overrun with yellow jackets, bees, or wasps, contact a pest control provider in Dublin. If the insects begin to swarm, stay indoors until the exterminator arrives.

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    Distinguishing Between the Different Stinging Flyers
    Southern Californian yellow jackets are easy to identify by their distinguishing black and yellow markings. Paper wasps are often mistaken for yellow jackets but are in fact much longer in the body and have a much thinner waist compared to their more aggressive cousins. Although honeybees have similar coloration, they are actually mustard yellow and brown. Honeybees are also much thicker and stockier than yellow jackets. Your pest control provider can identify the threat before making your home or business safe.

    Sting Prevention Tips
    Getting stung is never fun, and in some cases can be life-threatening. One of the best things you can do to avoid getting stung by yellow jackets, bees, wasps, or other summer flyers is to gently brush them away instead of swatting at them. When attacked and distressed, many flying insects will release a pheromone in the air that signals the colony it’s time to attack. Also try to avoid floral perfumes, lotions, and hair products when going out to avoid being a major point of interest for yellow jackets, bees, and wasps.

    What to Do If You Get Stung
    Although getting stung never feels good, most instances don’t require medical help. However, you should seek immediate medical care if you or a loved one:

    • Has been stung more than 10 times
    • Has been stung in the mouth or throat
    • Has difficulty breathing or speaking, swelling in the mouth or throat, or tightness in the chest following a yellow jacket, bee, or wasp sting

  • Why Are Yellow Jackets Dangerous?

    While a handy homeowner may be able to take care of certain minor pest removal services , the more dangerous pests should be left up to a qualified team of professionals. This will ensure that all involved parties remain safe and no accidents occur. This is especially important when it comes to bee, wasp, and yellow jacket control because they tend to be more dangerous than other types of pests. Read on to find out what makes yellow jackets so dangerous and why you should contact a residential pest control professional for yellow jacket removal.

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    Many people experience a healthy aversion to any kind of brightly colored flying insect, but yellow jackets are among the most undesirable to encounter. Parents tend to remind their children that bees will leave them alone as long as they are not provoked, but this rule only goes so far when it comes to yellow jackets. Yellow jackets can bite you as well as sting you, and they do not lose their stinger throughout the process. This means that the same yellow jacket has the ability to sting repeatedly. These pests are not afraid to travel far away from their nests in pursuit of a worthwhile meal, and they have a habit of crashing open barbecues.

    Stepping on a yellow jacket nest may have been an accident, but there is no explaining this to its inhabitants. Yellow jackets are fiercely territorial and will swarm together to defend their nests and fight off intruders. If you find a nest in a highly populated area or an area where children play, it is best to call a professional pest control service near San Ramon and have the nest removed before an accident can occur.

    Yellow jackets attack with a venomous sting to which many individuals are allergic. You can remove the venom using soap and water, but those who are allergic may experience severe swelling and irritation as well as difficulty breathing and even fainting. In the event that you are stung in the mouth or throat, call for medical attention before swelling occurs.