• Don’t Let Spiders Scare Off Your Hotel’s Guests

    The sight of a spider can instantly trigger disgust and fright—two emotions you definitely don’t want your hotel guests to experience during their stay. Since hotels are prime locations for bug infestations , it’s good practice for owners to call in a commercial pest control company in Dublin, CA for routine inspections. After conducting an investigation, the technicians can perform pest treatments for an active infestation. This will stop the existing spiders from scaring away your guests.

    Next, the technician will develop a long-term pest control plan. This may require applying pest extermination materials at regular intervals. You may also receive tips on how to deny entry to arachnids and other pests. If the windows open, they should all feature snugly fitting screens. All crevices and cracks should be sealed with caulk or foam, and there should be no gaps around the doors. Another effective spider exclusion strategy is to treat the hotel for the insects that spiders feed on. Keeping a clean hotel is a must for discouraging bugs from taking up residence there.

  • What Does Anthracnose Look Like?

    Anthracnose is a resilient, fungal disease that can affect many types of plants, including trees. If you’re wondering if you need tree disease treatment near Pleasanton because trees in your landscaping are looking less than healthy, then anthracnose may be to blame.

    Anthracnose is a very common plant disease in California, and it can cause hardwood trees to develop symptoms on their leaves. If your trees are infected by this fungus, then you may notice that the leaves have yellow, brown, or black splotches on them. Anthracnose commonly affects shoots and leaves, causing wilting and dieback. Papaya

    This disease can spread from one plant to another through things like wind, rain, contact, and gardening tools. If you suspect that your trees are infected with anthracnose, then consider contacting a plant technician right away for tree disease diagnosis and treatment. Taking steps now to control this fungal disease may help your trees recover and prevent the problem from spreading to other plants in your landscaping.

  • Your 2017 Pest Forecast for Fall and Winter

    In the fall and winter, many families end up needing pest control in Dublin as insects and other pests make their way indoors to find food and shelter. Watch this video to see the National Pest Management Association’s Fall/Winter pest forecast for 2017.

    Factors like flooding in some areas and heat waves in others are projected to increase pest activity nationwide. This fall and winter, mice are anticipated to be a bigger problem than usual in the Pacific Northwest. As for the Southwest and West Coast, hot temperatures are expected to promote more ant and cockroach infestations. In the Midwest, mild weather has led to increased rodent populations that will look for shelter indoors as winter approaches. Finally, the Northeast can anticipate seeing stink bug, ladybug, and mice problems this year, and the Southeast can expect increased ant, termite, and mosquito activity.