• Reasons to Choose Performance Pest Management

    Reasons to Choose Performance Pest Management Pleasanton Performance Pest Management is the preferred company offering commercial and residential pest control in Pleasanton and nearby areas. Continue for reasons why you should choose Performance Pest Management for your pest treatment needs.

    Performance Pest Management is a family-owned business with an emphasis on customer satisfaction, attention to detail, and professionalism. This is why a great deal of our business comes from word-of-mouth referrals from our satisfied customers. Founded in 1979 by Bill Yeoman, Performance Pest Management serves the entire Tri Valley areas and strives to provide same-day pest services whenever possible. We are GreenPro certified by the National Pest Management Association, which means we meet the high standards set by the largest green certification program in the world. Furthermore, we are members of the Pest Control Operators of California, certified in Structural Pest Control by the California Structural Pest Control Board, and certified in Agricultural Pest Control by the California Department of Pesticide Regulation.

  • Get the Facts on Household Pests [INFOGRAPHIC]

    Did you know that 56% of homeowners surveyed reported having an ant problem in the past year? Ants are just one of the common pests that can invade your home, causing you to need to call an exterminator in Pleasanton, California . You might be surprised to learn that you can get fleas in your house even if you don’t have any pets. If you have signs of any kind of pest problem, don’t wait to do something about it. Many pests reproduce quickly—in fact, house mice can have as many as six babies every three weeks. Rodents, ants, bees, fleas, and other invaders can affect your quality of life along with your health. Take a look at this infographic to learn more about common household pests. Please share with your friends and neighbors, and do your part to keep your home pest-free.

    Get the Facts on Household Pests [INFOGRAPHIC] Pleasanton

  • Spiders You Might Find In Your California Home

    Many people are afraid of spiders, which is why spider treatment is one of the most popular services offered by residential pest control companies. Spiders are not only creepy, but their bite can be painful or even dangerous to your health in some cases. At Performance Pest Management, we offer effective pest treatment near Pleasanton and other cities in the Tri Valley Area. Read below to learn more about some of the spiders you could find in your California home. Spiders You Might Find In Your California Home Pleasanton

    Large, hairy, and infamous, the tarantula is found throughout California. They tend to reside in tight, dark spaces such as pool filters and burrows in the ground. In the fall it’s common to see male tarantulas wandering—outdoors as well as indoors—for female tarantulas to mate with.

    Also known as the False Tarantula , the Calisoga spider is smaller than the tarantula. The Calisoga is smaller and it is unable to climb smooth surfaces. They live in burrows and are found frequently in the San Francisco Bay Area, especially in the Oakland hills. Calisoga spiders vary widely in color and form. Just like male tarantulas, male Calisoga are the ones you are likely to see wandering around looking for a female.

    Daddy Long Legs
    Also known as the cellar spider, daddy long-legs make disorganized, irregular web tangles to catch their prey. The daddy long-legs native to California are small, while the synathropic cellar spiders most common in California are actually an invasive species from Europe.

    Black Widow
    This is the only spider that you are likely to see in California whose venom is dangerous to human health. You can recognize a black widow by the blotch of coloration on its abdomen, which can be red, yellow, or orange. Many people refer to this blotch as being hour-glass shaped, but this is not always the case. Males and immature females are not solid black, and oftentimes have marble-like patterns on their abdomens.

  • A Look at Professional Weed Control Services

    A Look at Professional Weed Control Services San Jose Picking weeds can be backbreaking work, especially if your lawn is overrun with weeds. Thankfully, your Pleasanton lawn treatment provider can do all the work for you. An integrated approach to weed management includes any number of weed control services, including pre- and post-emergent spraying and year-round weed control. Not only will you save the time and energy of pulling weeds yourself, but you can expect a finished result that makes your yard more beautiful than ever.

    If you’re looking for professional weed control services in the tri valley area , consider an integrated lawn management approach that will keep your landscape healthy and beautiful. Having a landscape you can be proud of will increase your home’s curb appeal and may even help you fetch more at closing when the time comes to sell your home.