Common Tree Diseases in Northern California

The health and appearance of your yard plays an integral part in the overall curb appeal of your property. If any of your trees are in poor health, the aesthetic appeal of your home is at stake. The first step in reviving your trees is to determine the cause of your trees’ unhealthy appearance. Schedule a tree disease diagnosis in San Jose to determine if your trees are afflicted with one of these common Northern California tree diseases. Common Tree Diseases in Northern California San Jose

This is one of the most common tree diseases in the region. Anthracnose is a fungal disease that affects hardwood trees. If the leaves on your trees are developing brown or black splotches that resemble scorch marks, contact a tree disease treatment company and ask them about treatment options for anthracnose.

Crow Rot
Crow rot is a disease caused by soil-borne fungus. It typically affects garden plants and shrubs, but it can also spread to trees. Rotted areas on tree branches and on the trunk near the roots are signs of crow rot. Your San Jose tree disease treatment provider will spray or inject fungicide into the truck, branches, or soil to treat crow rot.

Aspen Canker
There are a number of types of fungi that can infect aspen trees and cause aspen canker. Canker diseases cause sunken oval areas on the bark in the early stages. Late stage aspen canker causes areas of crumbling bark. The sooner your tree disease treatment provider starts treating aspen canker, the better the chances of saving the affected trees.

Dutch Elm Disease
If you notice yellow or brown foliage and dark brown or black streaks on the wood just under the bark, your tree may be suffering from Dutch elm disease. Because Dutch elm disease is often confused with damage caused by an elm leaf beetle infestation, it’s important that you schedule a tree disease diagnosis to properly identify the cause of your tree’s appearance.