• Where Do Fleas Come From?

    Fleas are a common pest found on animals and humans, warranting various kinds of pest treatments to kill them. They are a parasitic insect that causes intense itching in their hosts. However, not everyone knows where fleas come from and how they are transferred between hosts. Continue reading to learn more about the spread of fleas and pest control near Pleasanton, CA . flea - prevention

    Infested Wildlife

    One of the most common areas one might find fleas are on outdoor wildlife. Opossums, feral dogs and cats, raccoons, coyotes, and skunks are some of the common hosts that carry fleas. As the fleas congregate on the hosts’ bodies, they lay eggs. The wildlife hosts will walk throughout their environment, including an urban area, and the flea eggs will fall as the animals walk. Once the eggs become larvae and hatch from their cocoons, the adult fleas will jump on other animals nearby. Rarely do adult fleas transfer from host to host; this type of pest infestation typically occurs from dropped eggs.

    Covered Habitats

    When fleas are found, they are typically found in a shaded area. This area might be under a porch or deck where wild animals may congregate. Domestic cats and dogs can have fleas after laying down beneath a bush or other shaded area in their own backyard. Fleas and their eggs can only survive on a host or in a covered area. Sunny areas of a yard cannot support flea eggs and larvae.

    Infested Buildings

    Though it may be rare for an adult flea to transfer from one host to another, the eggs dropped by adult fleas can infest a nearby animal. If a domestic pet has been kenneled at a location that previously had a flea-infested animal, then the pet could easily become infested with fleas. The same goes for a home that has dormant fleas; new animals introduced to the area may soon have fleas. No matter the circumstance, if fleas are suspected, then commercial or residential pest control should be notified soon to perform a proper pest extermination.

  • Surprising Facts About Bees

    Even though pest control companies are often called about removing bees, they are still fascinating creatures. Some might consider bees a nuisance, eventually calling for pest control near Pleasanton, CA, but bees have many surprising facts that people may not know. Watch the video for a closer look at some surprising facts about bees.

    • Before bees evolved into the creatures they are today, their ancestors used to sting predators—effectively killing them—and lay their eggs in the body. The eggs actually came from the stinger itself. Over time, this reproductive ability evolved, and now stingers are only used for protection.
    • Female bees are dominant within the colony’s structure. They are typically stronger, produce honey, and have the ability to sting.
    • In order for honey to develop, it is regurgitated several times by various bees in the hive. This process gives the honey healthy, antimicrobial properties.

  • What Is Dutch Elm Disease?

    Dutch Elm Disease is a serious issue that affects elm trees across the country. When you watch this video, you will learn all about identification and management of Dutch Elm Disease. This disease affects mature trees, and can cause wilting and yellow or brown leaves. A company that offers pest control near Dublin can help you choose the right tree disease treatment for your elm trees.

    With proper pest control and tree disease diagnosis , you can make sure that the trees on your property remain in beautiful and healthy condition. When you schedule services with a tree disease specialist, you can rest assured that your tree will be restored to a healthy and safe condition. From Ductch Elm Disease to Crown Rot and more, your technician will be able to treat a variety of tree diseases.

  • Comparing Bees and Yellow Jackets

    Stinging insects can be a serious nuisance to any homeowner. If you have noticed that stinging insects are present around your home, it is important to schedule immediate residential pest control serving Pleasanton . The first step of your pest treatment will be to identify the type of insect that has invaded your property. Both bees and yellow jackets can cause painful stings, but each type of inspect requires a specialized method of insect control.

    There are several primary differences between bees and yellow jackets. When a bee stings, it will leave its stinger behind and immediately die. Yellow jackets, by comparison, can sting multiple times and do not die after they sting. Yellow jackets prefer to live in burrows in the ground, whereas bees create hives in trees or other elevated locations. To determine what type of stinging insect you are dealing with, you can set up professional pest removal services for your home.

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