Surprising Facts About Bees

Even though pest control companies are often called about removing bees, they are still fascinating creatures. Some might consider bees a nuisance, eventually calling for pest control near Pleasanton, CA, but bees have many surprising facts that people may not know. Watch the video for a closer look at some surprising facts about bees.

  • Before bees evolved into the creatures they are today, their ancestors used to sting predators—effectively killing them—and lay their eggs in the body. The eggs actually came from the stinger itself. Over time, this reproductive ability evolved, and now stingers are only used for protection.
  • Female bees are dominant within the colony’s structure. They are typically stronger, produce honey, and have the ability to sting.
  • In order for honey to develop, it is regurgitated several times by various bees in the hive. This process gives the honey healthy, antimicrobial properties.