• Tips for Taking Care of Your Trees

    Trees require regular pruning and maintenance in order to grow healthy and strong. By taking the time to trim and inspect the trees in your yard, you can help to prevent diseases and other serious tree problems. A company that offers weed control and pest control near Dublin will also be able to provide you with a variety of services for your trees. With prompt tree disease diagnoses and pest treatment, you can keep invading pests from destroying the beautiful trees that grow around your property.

    Tips for taking care of your trees

    As you are preparing your yard for the upcoming fall and winter seasons, you will need to pay special attention to your trees. Before your trees go dormant this winter, take the time to schedule pruning services with a yard care professional. Pruning trees before the start of the winter months can help them to grow back more vigorously during the spring. Along with routine pruning, you can care for your trees by mulching their root systems and regularly checking for signs of common tree diseases .

  • How to Keep Pests Out of Your Office Kitchen

    When you share an office kitchen with coworkers, chances are that not everyone is going to have the same attention to cleanliness as you. That means that your space could be even more vulnerable to a pest infestation than your kitchen at home. Fortunately, you don’t have to fear a pest invasion in your office kitchen, even if you have that one coworker who never cleans up. With a commercial pest control plan in your Pleasanton office, your kitchen at work can become a no-go zone for bugs. Try these strategies to get rid of ants, cockroaches, and more in the communal office kitchen. kitchen - pests

    Set Some Ground Rules

    Your coworkers go in and out of the office kitchen all day to grab snacks, water, and coffee, and they may not always have a lot of time on their hands. That can set up a situation in which no one really cleans up after his or herself. Set some ground rules for the shared space that involve throwing away your trash, cleaning off counters you’ve used, and tidying up tables after lunch. Pests love food that is left on the counter or tables that are covered in crumbs. Make following the rules part of your office’s culture so that your kitchen is less appealing to pests.

    Maintain a Pest Control Contract

    Commercial pest control is a must for offices. Make sure your company has pest control services at regular intervals. Having these kinds of maintenance pest control treatments prevent infestations from ever getting started. If you do notice an increase in pests in the office kitchen at any point, make sure your pest control company knows, so that they can give it extra attention.

    Look Outside the Kitchen

    Despite your best efforts in the kitchen, if the other areas of your office are welcoming to pests, they will find their way in. Don’t let old cups of tea or coffee sit on your desk, and reduce eating at your desk as much as possible. Clutter attracts pests, so keep your office’s overflowing papers to a minimum.

  • Dealing with the Effects of Dutch Elm Disease

    Are you looking for pest control or tree disease treatment in Dublin because the trees on your property look less than healthy? If so, one potential problem to consider is Dutch elm disease, which affects many elm species.

    If your trees are affected by Dutch elm disease, you will notice that leaves wilt, turn yellow, and then become brown. When the fungus enters through the root system, the symptoms may manifest lower in the crown and spread rapidly. When the infection starts in the upper crown, then the symptoms will start at the end of a branch and spread downward.

    Although this fungus can spread through connected root systems, it’s closely linked with elm bark beetles. If these beetles lay their eggs in an infected tree, the young hatch and pick up the fungal spores. After reaching adulthood, the beetles can then visit healthy trees and infect them with Dutch elm disease.

    Practicing insect control and pest treatment to limit the population of insects that can transmit the fungus is one of the best ways to deal this disease. Breaking root grafts between neighboring trees and treating trees with fungicides can also help manage the effects of Dutch elm disease.

    brown - leaves

  • Facts That You May Not Know About Spiders

    No matter how you feel about spiders, they are interesting creatures. Aside from being the cause of a call for residential pest control serving Dublin , spiders have some characteristics that you might not expect. Certain kinds of spiders are vegetarians, and not all the Daddy Long Legs you come across are even spiders. They can also jump significant heights. Before you call for pest removal services, keep reading to learn about some facts that you may not know about spiders. spider - facts

    Some Are Vegetarians

    To those who have dealt with pest control issues in the past, a spider might just be a spider. There are actually many species, however, and they have different characteristics. In fact, one of these species is vegetarian. Bagheera kiplingi is a species of spider that mainly eats vegetables, which means you don’t have much of a reason to be scared of them. This type of spider is indigenous to Central America, and they like trees that have plenty of protein in their leaves. While Bagheera kiplingi spiders are mainly vegetarians, they become carnivorous when the dry season comes around.

    Not All Daddy Long Legs Are Spiders

    You should handle a pest control problem no matter what kind of pest infestation you’re dealing with, but what you call a Daddy Long Legs might not even be a spider. In addition to actual spiders, the term Daddy Long Legs has described harvestmen and crane flies. The only actual spiders that fall under the Daddy Long Legs category are cellar spiders, although harvestmen are in the arachnid family. Even though your pest control professional can offer you just about any pest treatment you need, sometimes it helps to understand what you’re dealing with.

    Spiders Jump

    If you weren’t scared of spiders before, you might be when you learn that some kinds can jump about 50 times their own length. This information might make you more likely to call for pest control sooner rather than later, but you don’t need to worry too much. Spiders typically only do this while they’re hunting or escaping a predator in the wild.

  • How to Patch Holes in Your Screens

    Screens keep bugs out of the house and pests out of the garden, but they’re not invincible. They can wear out over time, leaving your home or garden vulnerable to insect control issues. If you want to stay on top of residential pest control serving Dublin , you should know how to keep your screens together. Watch this video and learn how to patch up your screens.

    If you notice a hole in one of your screens as you’re surveying your property, you should patch it up immediately. You can start by cutting a square around the broken part of the screen. Make sure the hole is about half an inch away from the frame, and then center a new patch of screen over the damaged area. Add some glue to secure the new section, and spread the glue with a wooden stick. Now enjoy and take care of your newly fixed screen.

  • The Potential Health Effects of a Cockroach Infestation

    A cockroach infestation in Pleasanton can pose a real risk for those who suffer from allergies, asthma, and other respiratory conditions. However, people with these conditions are not the only ones at risk. It’s best to seek pest treatment as soon as you can in order to get rid of the roaches and maintain a healthy home environment. Feel free to read ahead if you would like to learn about the potential health effects of a cockroach infestation.

    Cockroaches are smelly and unsightly, but they also come with a few health hazards that you should be aware of. They have antigens that can aggravate symptoms of respiratory issues like asthma and allergies, and they can also carry diseases. What’s worse is that it’s not just the cockroaches themselves that spread antigens—it’s also their droppings, body parts, and even their saliva that transmit disease. A cockroach infestation may lead to diseases like salmonella, streptococcus, and polio. If you or a family member suddenly has trouble breathing in the home, you might be dealing with an infestation. Don’t wait to call your residential pest control expert to handle this infestation so you and your family can enjoy your health.

    cockroach - infestation

  • Spotlight on Earwigs

    Due to their unusual appearance, earwigs are among the most feared insects that can invade a home. While earwigs may look scary, they are relatively harmless towards humans. However, if you are starting to notice lots of earwigs throughout your home and garden, you will want to set up residential pest control serving Pleasanton. A technician that specializes in insect pest control and eco friendly pest control can provide you with a safe and effective solution for your earwig problem. To help you plan your insect control procedure, here is a look at what you need to know about earwigs. earwig - control


    Perhaps one of the most striking characteristics of the earwig is its appearance. These small, brown insects can be identified by the large pincers that rest on either side of their heads. Earwigs are typically between 5 and 25 mm in length, and most adults have a set of wings. When an earwig is frightened or on the defense, it will secrete an unpleasant odor that is designed to deter its predators.


    Earwigs are nocturnal, so you will typically see these creatures during the nighttime hours. These secretive insects prefer to live and nest in dark, out of the way places, such as under logs or rocks. Since earwigs are attracted to bright lights, they may find their way to your home if you leave a porch light or other outdoor light illuminated at night. While you may see signs of earwigs in your home, they typically prefer to live outdoors.


    Your pest control professional can recommend several different treatment options for your earwig problem. One of the best strategies for eliminating earwigs is to remove any places where they may like to nest and hide. Along with cleaning up logs and debris in your yard, you may also want to make sure that your outdoor lights are not attracting earwigs indoors. A serious infestation may require other professional pest control strategies.

  • The Importance of Keeping Pests Out of School Settings

    A school should provide a safe, healthy, and clean environment for all of its students. If your school is facing a cockroach infestation or other pest control emergency, you should not wait to schedule commercial pest control in Dublin. With commercial pest control services, you will be able to quickly identify the pest problem and target it at the source. Your exterminator will also be able to provide you with pest control services that are safe to use around children. Read on for more information about why it is important to keep pests out of school settings. pests - school

    Pests Spread Quickly In Schools

    Schools provide the perfect environment for pests to spread and thrive. A minor bed bug outbreak or cockroach infestation can become a serious problem if it is left untreated in a school setting. Since a school offers many places for pests to nest and hide, rodents and insects can quickly find their way to many areas around the campus. To make sure that your pest situation remains under control, you will want to make sure that you schedule extermination procedures right away.

    Children Are Vulnerable to Pests

    School age children can be particularly susceptible to picking up bed bugs, lice, and other unwanted pests. With their developing immune systems and small size, children are even more likely than adults to become sick when they are exposed to pests. To keep your students safe from a pest infestation, you may want to consider setting up pest prevention measures for your school.

    Pest Outbreaks Can Close Schools

    A significant pest outbreak could affect your school’s schedule. If an infestation requires immediate treatment, you may find yourself shutting down your school for days at a time. School closures affect teachers, students, and their families. To avoid the hassle of a school closure, you will want to make sure that you stay on top of any pest outbreaks, and schedule pest removal services at the first sign of a minor issue.

  • What Is Dutch Elm Disease?

    Dutch Elm Disease is a serious issue that affects elm trees across the country. When you watch this video, you will learn all about identification and management of Dutch Elm Disease. This disease affects mature trees, and can cause wilting and yellow or brown leaves. A company that offers pest control near Dublin can help you choose the right tree disease treatment for your elm trees.

    With proper pest control and tree disease diagnosis , you can make sure that the trees on your property remain in beautiful and healthy condition. When you schedule services with a tree disease specialist, you can rest assured that your tree will be restored to a healthy and safe condition. From Ductch Elm Disease to Crown Rot and more, your technician will be able to treat a variety of tree diseases.

  • Are There Any Benefits to Cockroaches?

    Cockroach extermination is a common service that is performed by companies offering pest control near Dublin. While cockroaches are considered unwanted creatures, there may be some benefits to these creatures. This video explores some of the potential benefits that cockroaches have to offer the environment. Since cockroaches eat many different substances, they are responsible for helping to promote healthy nitrogen in our soils. However, cockroaches in the home can spread salmonella and other harmful diseases.

    To set up pest control services for your cockroach-infested property, get in touch with a residential pest control company that works in your local area. A team of exterminators will use state-of-the-art methods during your pest treatment, and your home will be roach-free after your extermination has been completed.