• Top Reasons for an Ant Infestation

    Top Reasons for an Ant Infestation

    Ants are common pests, and they do a good job of keeping Pleasanton residential pest and rodent control employees at work. There are a few factors that may lead you to enlisting the help of a commercial or residential pest exterminator. Keep reading to take a look at the top reasons for an ant infestation.


    Ant Infestation | Performance Pest Management

    It is no secret that spare food can lead to an ant problem; ants are known for their ability to ruin a good picnic. When there is food to be consumed, ants make it their mission to find and consume the free meal. If you are not always motivated to take out the trash, consider the heaping pile of reward that that looks like to a colony of ants. These pests are particularly attracted to sugar foods, so be sure to clean up your snacks when you are done with them. Make sure your refrigerator and cabinets are all sealed properly so that ants cannot make their way in.

    Ideal Habitat

    Like most pests, ants gravitate towards very specific environments. If they find an area that has appropriate amounts of moisture, shelter, and food, then they will do their best to make themselves at home. Make your home as unwelcoming as possible to ants. Use a dehumidifier and clean up spills immediately, and make sure that you look after your food. Take your garbage out regularly and call an exterminator or pest control specialist at the first sign of infestation.


    Ants tend to follow the path of least resistance. If you provide them with easy access to a building, they will graciously accept the invitation. Make sure that any vegetation outside of your house or building is not doubling as shelter and an access point for ants. Seal your doors, windows, and any other gaps.

    If you are worried about an ant infestation, make sure that your home is not suitable for the pests. Do not leave food around, control moisture, and prevent ants from easily accessing your home or building. Call a commercial or residential pest treatment specialist if you sense an infestation.

  • How to Tell If You Have Fleas in Your House

    How to Tell If You Have Fleas in Your House

    Residential pest control in Pleasanton is not only important when it comes to humans; fleas will continually harass their furry counterparts. The removal of these pests is only possible, however, once you are aware that you have them. Here is a look at how to tell if you have fleas in your house.

    Pet Bedding

    If you suspect that you may have fleas, take a look at your pet’s bedding before calling up your residential pest treatment specialist. These pests are only a fraction of an inch large and are typically black or brown. Make sure you inspect your pet’s bedding thoroughly, lifting up any cushions or fabric seems. You should also be on the lookout for flea eggs, which are even smaller than fleas and may resemble salt and pepper. If you have fleas in your house, there is a good chance you will find evidence in the pet bedding; since they do not have wings, fleas can only travel crawling and hopping distance.

    General Carpeting

    You or your exterminator may find fleas in your carpeting. Fleas can be very difficult to detect due to their small size and their ability to blend in with the colors and fibers of carpets. You can find out if you have fleas by placing a bowl of soapy water and a lamp on your carpet; if you return to a bowl full of dead fleas, it is time to call your pest treatment expert.

    Pet Fur Fleas | Performance Pest Management

    Fleas are a nuisance for your pets, and they will react accordingly. If you notice your pets scratching at their fur or skin more often than usual, this may be due to fleas. Look through the fur to see if you notice any flea feces, flea bites, or fleas themselves. If you find any evidence of flea activity, talk to your exterminator about solutions.

    If you have fleas in your home, they may be hiding in several locations. Check your pet’s bedding or area where they typically sleep, the carpeting in your home, and your pets’ fur and skin themselves. Schedule a visit from your exterminator if you suspect that you have fleas.


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