• Tips for Keeping Your Trees Disease-Free

    Tree diseases can be tricky to spot and difficult to eradicate. Prevention is preferable, but you should also know how to spot the warning signs of common infections. If you do notice anything, you can help save the tree or prevent the disease from spreading by promptly calling in a pest control expert for professional tree disease treatment in Dublin, CA.

    Know how to identify common tree diseases.

    You’ll likely need the help of a professional for a proper tree disease diagnosis. However, you should know the basic red flags that indicate it’s time to call for pest control.

    • Photinia leaf spot: Indicated by small, circular dark spots on leaves, stems, and fruits.
    • Foamy bark canker disease: Affects California’s live oaks. It’s indicated by foamy liquid and reddish sap protruding through beetle holes in the bark.
    • Asian citrus psyllid: Indicated by yellow mottling and green patches on leaves.

    Maintain ideal growing conditions.

    Perhaps the best defense against these common tree diseases is a holistic one. Give your trees the right growing conditions to keep them healthy and vigorous, and they will be much more likely to effectively resist pests and diseases. Since different species require different growing conditions, defer to the tree’s specific needs regarding soil type and quality, drainage, irrigation, fertilization, and rootstock selection. In general, fruit trees do best in fertile soil with good drainage. Over-fertilizing isn’t recommended, as too much nitrogen can leave the trees more susceptible to diseases. A soil analysis is a good investment for orchard owners.

    Follow good pruning practices.

    Regular pruning is essential for encouraging air circulation. After the rain, or even the morning dew, the increased air circulation in the tree’s canopy allows it to dry more quickly. The faster the tree dries, the less of a chance a fungal infection will affect it. If you lack experience with pruning, consider calling in a professional, since making mistakes with this task can actually make your trees even more susceptible to diseases. One of the most common mistakes is making a cut flush against the trunk. This eliminates the branch collar, which is a small bump of matter that contains specialized cells, which enable the tree to heal better from the cut. If you slice off the branch right next to the trunk, the gash in the trunk will allow diseases and pests to attack the tree.

  • 3 Services That Can Help Keep Your Property’s Landscaping Looking Great This Season

    Your commercial property’s landscaping can play an important role in helping clients and customers feel welcome and comfortable when visiting your company. Continue reading to learn how scheduling tractor mowing, garden spraying, and tree disease treatment in Dublin can help maintain the look of your commercial landscaping this season.

    Tractor Mowing

    To help keep your lawn healthy, prepare it for winter, and ready it for spring, your property’s grass should continue to be mowed for as long as it is still growing. If you need help keeping your commercial property’s lawn neatly trimmed, then consider taking advantage of tractor mowing services. By hiring professionals who have the equipment and experience to do the job right, you can help ensure that your grass continues to look well-maintained throughout the fall season. Lawn

    Garden Spraying

    Weeds, insects, and other nuisances can mar or damage your property’s landscaping, even during the cooler months. If you’re dealing with a bug or weed problem on your commercial property, then consider working with a pest control company to treat your lawn and garden areas. By hiring a plant technician to evaluate your property and create a weed or pest treatment plan, you can look forward to benefitting from efficient and knowledgeable garden spraying services that will help protect your plants and keep your property looking its best.

    Tree Treatment

    Trees are attractive features that can lend shade and natural beauty to your commercial property, but because of how long it can take trees to grow, protecting yours from bugs and diseases should be a priority if you want to keep your landscaping looking well-maintained. If one or more of the trees on your property is showing signs of trouble, such as twig dieback, spotted leaves, white or black coatings on leaves, leaf loss, or cankers, then consider calling for tree disease treatment sooner rather than later. By hiring a professional to diagnose and treat your trees, you may be able to prevent the problem from spreading and stop sick trees from dying.

  • Tips for Taking Care of Your Trees

    Trees require regular pruning and maintenance in order to grow healthy and strong. By taking the time to trim and inspect the trees in your yard, you can help to prevent diseases and other serious tree problems. A company that offers weed control and pest control near Dublin will also be able to provide you with a variety of services for your trees. With prompt tree disease diagnoses and pest treatment, you can keep invading pests from destroying the beautiful trees that grow around your property.

    Tips for taking care of your trees

    As you are preparing your yard for the upcoming fall and winter seasons, you will need to pay special attention to your trees. Before your trees go dormant this winter, take the time to schedule pruning services with a yard care professional. Pruning trees before the start of the winter months can help them to grow back more vigorously during the spring. Along with routine pruning, you can care for your trees by mulching their root systems and regularly checking for signs of common tree diseases .

  • Dealing with the Effects of Dutch Elm Disease

    Are you looking for pest control or tree disease treatment in Dublin because the trees on your property look less than healthy? If so, one potential problem to consider is Dutch elm disease, which affects many elm species.

    If your trees are affected by Dutch elm disease, you will notice that leaves wilt, turn yellow, and then become brown. When the fungus enters through the root system, the symptoms may manifest lower in the crown and spread rapidly. When the infection starts in the upper crown, then the symptoms will start at the end of a branch and spread downward.

    Although this fungus can spread through connected root systems, it’s closely linked with elm bark beetles. If these beetles lay their eggs in an infected tree, the young hatch and pick up the fungal spores. After reaching adulthood, the beetles can then visit healthy trees and infect them with Dutch elm disease.

    Practicing insect control and pest treatment to limit the population of insects that can transmit the fungus is one of the best ways to deal this disease. Breaking root grafts between neighboring trees and treating trees with fungicides can also help manage the effects of Dutch elm disease.

    brown - leaves

  • Odor-Free Stink Bug Disposal Methods

    A common pest seen by companies that offer residential pest control in Dublin is the stink bug. As their name implies, these insects can make quite a stench. Stink bugs are most smelly when you squish them, so watch this video to learn some odor-free ways to remove these insects from your home.

    Using a tissue, gently grab the bug and then release it outdoors. Another option is to trap the stink bug inside of an empty water bottle and then dispose of the insect outside your home. For a host of stink bugs, try securing pantyhose to a vacuum, sucking the bugs into the trap, and then releasing them outside. If you have a more serious need for insect control, then consider calling a residential pest control company about pest treatment.

  • What Are Sowbugs?

    If you have started to notice flat, oval shaped creatures roaming around your home and yard, there is a chance that you may have a sowbug infestation. The sowbug, which is also referred to as a wood louse, is a very common creature that can be found across the United States. Despite its name, the sowbug is not an insect, but is instead a land dwelling crustacean. A company that specializes in pest control near Dublin can help you eradicate a sowbug infestation on your property.

    As you are planning pest control services to help you deal with your sowbug problem, your exterminator may recommend that you take action in the yard surrounding your property. Removing a sowbug colony’s nesting areas is a highly effective method of pest control. If simple exclusion and habitat removal methods do not succeed in eliminating the sowbugs, your technician may recommend targeted pest extermination methods.

    sowbug - removal

  • What Is Dutch Elm Disease?

    Dutch Elm Disease is a serious issue that affects elm trees across the country. When you watch this video, you will learn all about identification and management of Dutch Elm Disease. This disease affects mature trees, and can cause wilting and yellow or brown leaves. A company that offers pest control near Dublin can help you choose the right tree disease treatment for your elm trees.

    With proper pest control and tree disease diagnosis , you can make sure that the trees on your property remain in beautiful and healthy condition. When you schedule services with a tree disease specialist, you can rest assured that your tree will be restored to a healthy and safe condition. From Ductch Elm Disease to Crown Rot and more, your technician will be able to treat a variety of tree diseases.

  • What to Ask Your Commercial Pest Control Provider

    Pests in your commercial space can deter customers or even force you to close your doors while you wait for the problem to be treated. If you are concerned about getting rid of cockroaches or other pests throughout your business, you will want to set up services with a company that offers commercial pest control in Dublin . Commercial pest control services will allow you to eliminate your pest problem safely, effectively, and with minimal or no impact to your daily business operations. Here is a look at some important questions to ask when you are setting up pest control services for your commercial space. pest - control

    What Are Your Licenses and Certifications?

    A commercial pest control provider should be fully licensed and certified by a range of city and state authorities. In order to receive certification, a pest control company must be able to demonstrate that their methods are safe, effective, and in compliance with all regulations. Before you book your pest control services, you will want to make sure that your provider has the necessary certifications.

    How Do You Treat Pest Problems?

    After verifying the certifications of a pest control provider, you will want to ask the company about their preferred pest control methods. Each type of pest requires specific services, so you will want to make sure that you work with a pest control professional that is willing to create a customized plan for your needs. You will also want to inquire about any chemicals or pesticides that may be used during the procedure.

    Do You Offer a Guarantee?

    A reputable pest control company will stand behind the effectiveness of their extermination and pest removal services. In preparation for your pest control appointment, it is a terrific idea to ask your company about any guarantees that they may be able to offer you. A company that guarantees the satisfaction of all of their customers will make sure that your pest problem has been completely eradicated.

  • Spotlight on Aspen Canker

    Aspen trees are a beautiful addition to any yard. While aspen trees are typically considered to be very healthy and long living plants, they can be affected by several different diseases. When you are caring for your aspen trees, you will want to remain on the lookout for the signs of aspen canker. Aspen canker is caused by a harmful fungus, which invades the bark of the tree. During your plant disease diagnosis , a pest control professional will look for signs of rounded areas of damage on the surface of the aspen tree’s bark. Professional tree disease treatment in Pleasanton will prevent these oval shaped areas of damage from spreading to the rest of the bark.

    Rather than attempting to perform your tree disease treatment on your own, you should leave this service to a team of professionals. A company that offers insect pest control and plant pest control will be able to diagnose and treat any disease that is affecting the tress on your property.

    aspen - trees

  • Treating Tree Diseases

    There are many effective tree disease treatments in Dublin , and they should all be trusted to your professionals in lawn and pest treatment. By performing a proper tree disease diagnosis, the professionals can identify the cause of your trees’ decline and recommend various treatments, such as pest control or using a fungicide.

    Your professional tree disease diagnosis may reveal one of several potential tree diseases. Anthracnose, crown rot, aspen canker, and Dutch elm disease are different fungal diseases that can damage and kill your trees if left untreated. The tree disease treatment may call for a type of fungicide to kill the fungal disease. The treatment that professionals may conduct involves tree spraying or injecting the fungicide directly into the tree or surrounding soil.

    A professional in tree disease may suggest you change your tree care. This may include different pruning practices, along with watering changes that can help control the tree disease or intruding pests. Certain pests can infest and damage trees, causing them to develop diseases. These pests should be controlled through professional pest control in addition to professional tree disease treatments.

    tree - disease