Treating Tree Diseases

There are many effective tree disease treatments in Dublin , and they should all be trusted to your professionals in lawn and pest treatment. By performing a proper tree disease diagnosis, the professionals can identify the cause of your trees’ decline and recommend various treatments, such as pest control or using a fungicide.

Your professional tree disease diagnosis may reveal one of several potential tree diseases. Anthracnose, crown rot, aspen canker, and Dutch elm disease are different fungal diseases that can damage and kill your trees if left untreated. The tree disease treatment may call for a type of fungicide to kill the fungal disease. The treatment that professionals may conduct involves tree spraying or injecting the fungicide directly into the tree or surrounding soil.

A professional in tree disease may suggest you change your tree care. This may include different pruning practices, along with watering changes that can help control the tree disease or intruding pests. Certain pests can infest and damage trees, causing them to develop diseases. These pests should be controlled through professional pest control in addition to professional tree disease treatments.

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