Spotlight on Aspen Canker

Aspen trees are a beautiful addition to any yard. While aspen trees are typically considered to be very healthy and long living plants, they can be affected by several different diseases. When you are caring for your aspen trees, you will want to remain on the lookout for the signs of aspen canker. Aspen canker is caused by a harmful fungus, which invades the bark of the tree. During your plant disease diagnosis , a pest control professional will look for signs of rounded areas of damage on the surface of the aspen tree’s bark. Professional tree disease treatment in Pleasanton will prevent these oval shaped areas of damage from spreading to the rest of the bark.

Rather than attempting to perform your tree disease treatment on your own, you should leave this service to a team of professionals. A company that offers insect pest control and plant pest control will be able to diagnose and treat any disease that is affecting the tress on your property.

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