The Restaurateur’s Guide to Pest Control

Whether you operate a fine dining establishment or a casual restaurant, commercial pest control should be among your top concerns. If your food prep areas or dining room become plagued by an ant infestation, rodent colony, or roach population, your business could be at risk of being shut down by the health authorities. In order to keep your restaurant up and running, it is a fantastic idea to set up pest control services with a company that specializes in commercial pest control in Dublin. To help you ensure that your food service area is safe and sanitary, here is a quick guide to restaurant pest control. restaurant - pest - control

Secure Your Exterior Areas

Restaurant pest management starts at the exterior of your facility. The outside of your restaurant may contain dumpsters, bright lighting, and other features that could attract rodents and other pests. In order to keep your exterior areas secure from pests, you will want to make sure that your dumpsters are sealed and regularly sanitized. You can also prevent pests from entering your restaurant by sealing your doors and windows.

Keep Food Secure

A commercial kitchen is filled with tasty treats that will attract rodents, cockroaches, and other unwanted creatures. In order to control pests in your restaurant, you will need to make sure that your food items are kept securely sealed when they are not being prepared. Investing in sealed food containers is one great way to keep pests away. You can also prevent a pest invasion by taking out your trash regularly throughout the day.

Look for Signs of An Invasion

If pests invade your restaurant, you will need to act fast to eliminate the problem. Rodents, cockroaches, and other pests can spread harmful diseases to your staff and customers. Some signs of a pest invasion in a restaurant space include droppings along the floor, bite marks in food containers, and visible signs of the pests themselves. When you notice any signs of pests in your restaurant, you will need to call an exterminator immediately.