Top Tips for Preventing Ants in Your Yard

Ants always seem to show up just in time to ruin a perfect outdoor gathering. Fortunately, you can prevent ants from overrunning your yard and invading your home with simple battle plan. For starters, maintain a healthy lawn. Believe it or not, ants and other insects do not prefer healthy plants and soil, so be sure to stay on top of mulching and composting to keep ants at bay. You can also apply beneficial nematodes as a preventative to deter ants in your yard. Watch this video for more tips on preventing ants.

When ants get out of hand, it’s a fight best left to a pest control professional in San Francisco . Pleasanton exterminators will use the best tools and pest control methods to eliminate your ant problem for good. You can also look into preventative lawn spraying to keep ants at bay before they become a problem indoors.