Essential Lawn Care Tips for Spring

As most of the country begins to thaw out after a cold winter and temperatures rise in the Bay Area, homeowners in Pleasanton and San Francisco are beginning to take notice of their lawns for the first time in months. A healthy summer lawn starts with spring maintenance, so it’s crucial that you take care of your yard now so you can enjoy luscious green grass all summer long. Check out these lawn care tips and contact a lawn and garden service provider in Pleasanton to get your yard in tip-top shape for summer. Essential Lawn Care Tips for Spring San Francisco

Get Rid of Weeds
In addition to being a major eyesore, weeds can also rob your soil of water and nutrients needed for healthy lawn growth in the spring and summer. If you have more than a few weeds to get rid of, contact a weed control company in Pleasanton.

Mow Your Grass
If your lawn is looking a bit shaggy after the winter, bring out the lawnmower and get to work. But before you go out and cut the grass down the root, adjust the setting on your lawnmower to cut the grass taller. Taller grass has a higher tolerance for heat and shades the ground, allowing the soil to retain water more effectively.

Reseed Bare Spots
After you give the lawn a good clipping, take note of any areas that are particularly bare or brown. Reseeding can dramatically improve the appearance of your grass. Water the reseeded area regularly to maintain soil moisture and fertilizer with a slow-release, low-nitrogen product.

Keep Insects at Bay
Now that your lawn is looking healthy, it’s time to call in the pros to keep it that way. Lawn spraying can protect your grass (and trees and flower beds) from harmful insects and diseases. If you have a serious bug infestation on your hands, traditional pest treatment may be needed in addition to lawn spraying to protect your landscape.