Diagnosing Tree Diseases

If you’re concerned that your trees are suffering from disease, you should seek professional tree disease diagnosis in Dublin as soon as possible. A tree disease expert can inspect your trees and provide you with an accurate tree disease diagnosis and effective tree disease treatment. Without a tree disease diagnosis and treatment, you run the risk that all of your trees will die.

When your tree disease expert begins inspecting your trees, he will first look for a pattern of abnormality. He will do this by examining the tree’s roots, the landscape, and checking the tree trunk and branches. He will also note the position and appearance of affected leaves, twigs, bark, and branches.

There are several common tree diseases that your tree may need treatment for. The most common tree diseases in the Bay Area are anthracnose, crown rot, aspen canker, and dutch elm disease. Once your expert makes a tree disease diagnosis, he can develop an effective tree disease treatment plan. This plan may include spraying or injecting your trees or soil with fungicide, changing your tree care routine, and performing preventative pest control or pest removal services.