Tips for Avoiding Pests in Your Pantry

Even in the most immaculate of clean kitchens, pests can still find their way into your pantry. No matter how clean your kitchen is, there are still certain precautions you can take to avoid the inevitable pest in your pantry. While pest extermination near Dublin is your best bet in riding your pantry from bugs; there are some things you can do to keep your pantry pest free. Keep reading for some helpful tips on pest control in your kitchen.


Know What Pests to Look Out For

Knowing what types of insects or pests are attracted to food and items stored in your pantry can help you know what you are up against. Certain bugs are attracted to the food and drawn into the pantry, and others can show up in food purchased from the grocery store. Since insects can reproduce year round and have many different life cycles, it may be hard to determine what is where. Indian meal moths are one of the most commonly found pests in pantries. They are able to lay hundreds of eggs at a time near food. Other popular culprits include different types of beetles.

Prevent Pests in Your Kitchen

In addition to pest removal services, your best line of defense against these critters is prevention. Many times you can eliminate pests in your food by avoiding bringing them home in the first place. When shopping for food, especially packaged items such as sugar or flour, you should be sure to check that it is properly sealed and the container has not been damaged.

Learn the Best Way to Store Food

Once food is in your pantry, proper storage can help keep unwanted pests out. For best results, using airtight containers can prevent bugs from getting into food. Be mindful of expiration dates on food, and use older items before opening new ones. Of course, when in doubt consult a local pest extermination expert for tips on pest control.