Tips for Controlling Pests During the Spring Months

Every season has its own version of pests, but many of them usually make an appearance during the spring. These bugs are waking up, the weather is perfect, and their favorite plants are blooming. Don’t let pests ruin your spring season; consider simple pest control options, such as keeping plants away from the house and removing clutter. Residential pest control near Pleasanton is the best way to keep your yard, home, and family safe from pests, but there are also some things you can do to control pests during this active time of the year.


Keep the Compost Away

Pests love the decomposing piles of composts and other plants that you might keep near the house. You might think you’re creating rich soil from your compost pile, until you discover a cockroach infestation lurking in the depths. This may not be a bad thing—bugs and insects have their own jobs to do when it comes to compost—but if an infestation is near the house, you might be in trouble. Keep your compost piles, plants, and shrubs away from your doors and windows. If you don’t like the idea of bugs around your home or business at all, then call a pest control company to perform a professional removal.

Tighten House Seals

Bugs and insects are crafty creatures, and they can find their way through the smallest of holes. Once they’re through the tiny cracks in the doors or window seals, you might have a big problem on your hands. Before spring warms up too much, check every door and window in your home or business to be sure the seals are tight. Seal any holes in the walls, attic, or basement, and repair damaged weather-stripping or torn window screens.

Spring Clean

Similar to compost piles, pests and bugs love that pile of clutter in the garage or attic. Many of these piles create dark and damp spaces for them to crawl in and potentially lay eggs. Get the family together for a deep spring cleaning day throughout the house and garage. This will help with your pest control.