• Why Wasps Attack

    If you have ever been attacked by a swarm of wasps, you may be wondering why these insects are so aggressive. In this video, you will learn all about why wasps are so likely to attack when they feel threatened. When a single wasp has been killed, it will send out alarm pheromones to warn the rest of the hive of a potential danger. A company that offers pest control near Pleasanton can help you remove a wasp problem from your backyard.

    To prevent wasps from attacking you and your loved ones, consider hiring a company that provides pest control services . With professional pest extermination, you can remove wasp nests and restore peace to your backyard. A technician who specializes in pest control will be able to create a custom wasp treatment for your property.

  • End-Of-Summer Pests to Watch Out for in California

    As the summer season winds to a close, you may want to take advantage of the nice weather by hosting backyard dinner parties or other outdoor events. However, the end of summer may also mean that your property will be in need of seasonal pest treatment services. By scheduling preventative pest removal services with a company that offers residential pest control in Dublin , you can keep late summer insects away from your home and yard. To help you prepare your home for the late summer season, here are some end-of-summer pests to watch out for in California. fleas - summer


    Wasps are dreaded invaders of any backyard. Unlike their relatives the honeybee, wasps will aggressively defend their hives with violent stings. To determine whether you are dealing with a late-summer wasp infestation on your property, look for black and yellow insects that have long bodies. Wasps can also be identified through their nests, which are often constructed on tree branches or along rooflines.


    During the summer season, you and your family and friends might want to spend more time in your outdoor spaces. When you are enjoying a pleasant dinner outdoors, however, a mosquito infestation can quickly ruin the atmosphere of your evening. Mosquitoes are known to carry a variety of dangerous diseases, including West Nile Virus and Yellow Fever. If you want to enjoy the end of the summer season by spending time in your backyard, consider setting up mosquito removal services.


    Along with protecting your home and yard from unwanted insects, it is also important to practice proper pest control for your pets. The warm weather that comes during the end of summer can cause flea colonies to grow rapidly. To keep fleas off of your pets and away from your home, make sure that you are providing your furry friends with regular flea treatments. Your pest control professional may also be able to provide you with flea control services for your backyard.

  • What to Do When There Is a Wasp Nest on Your Property

    Wasps are a common reason why people need summertime pest control near Dublin. If you’ve spotted a wasp nest on your property, then it’s best not to attempt removal on your own, but to instead contact a professional pest removal service . This step is to help ensure both your safety and that of anyone nearby. Some individuals can have a severe or even fatal reaction to wasp stings, so it’s better to be safe in these situations.

    The right pest treatment for the wasps on your property will depend on your preferences and needs, as well as the type of wasp that you have. Various species create different types of nests, and they build their nests in a variety of locations. Wasps inside walls are the most difficult to eradicate, and most attempts at removal that are made by inexperienced individuals only worsen the problem. For these reasons, if you hear buzzing coming from within your walls, then consider contacting a pest control company right away.

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  • Tips for Keeping Ants Out of Your Office

    An ant infestation can be quite the distraction, especially if it occurs in your office . If you’d rather set your sights on your work than worry about pest control near Pleasanton, then consider using ant bait to take care of your problem. You should also make sure any food you bring into your office is sealed tightly, and call the pest treatment professionals to set you up with a plan to keep the ants out. Continue reading and pick up a few tips for keeping ants out of your office. ant - infestation

    Use Ant Bait

    If you want to keep ants out of the office, you’ll need to deal with the commercial pest control issue at hand. Before you call your pest treatment professional, try setting out baits for the ants. This will draw them out of hiding and give you an idea of where the source of the infestation is. Nobody wants to walk into an office to discuss business and discover an ant problem, but you can use this pest control method to eliminate part of the infestation and figure out where it’s coming from. Then you can take further measures to cut it off at the source.

    Keep Food Contained

    Once you’ve dealt with your pest control issue and you’re considering how you can make sure it doesn’t come back, think about what you eat in your office. If you’re a workaholic who eats lunch at the desk, it’s important that you keep your food securely sealed. A bowl of apple slices makes for a nice, healthy snack, but it can also lead to a pest control situation. If you’re going to be snacking in your office, don’t leave your dishes out in the open where pests can access them.

    Call the Pros

    If you’re worried about a pest control problem in your office, you can always work with the professionals. Your pest control pro will know exactly how to keep ants out of your office, and he or she can help you prepare. Call your commercial pest control expert to see what you can do for your space.

  • How to Patch Holes in Your Screens

    Screens keep bugs out of the house and pests out of the garden, but they’re not invincible. They can wear out over time, leaving your home or garden vulnerable to insect control issues. If you want to stay on top of residential pest control serving Dublin , you should know how to keep your screens together. Watch this video and learn how to patch up your screens.

    If you notice a hole in one of your screens as you’re surveying your property, you should patch it up immediately. You can start by cutting a square around the broken part of the screen. Make sure the hole is about half an inch away from the frame, and then center a new patch of screen over the damaged area. Add some glue to secure the new section, and spread the glue with a wooden stick. Now enjoy and take care of your newly fixed screen.

  • Protecting Your Pantry Items from Bugs

    Did you recently require pest removal services near Dublin ? If so, then you may be looking for ways to avoid future bug infestations. Removing food sources is a critical component when it comes to insect control, and pantries are one of the best places for pests to find food. Continue reading for tips on bug-proofing your pantry items to help protect your home from pests. bugs - pantry

    Invest in New Storage

    Pantry pests can easily make their way through many forms of commercial food packaging. Also, it can be difficult or impossible to seal off many food items once the packaging has been opened. For these reasons, purchasing proper storage for your dry goods is an important part of household pest control. Opt for anything that is made of glass or heavy plastic, and that comes with a tight-fitting lid.

    Inspect Your New Groceries

    Many homeowners don’t realize that it’s common for pantry pests to be brought into the home in food that has already been infested. Because of this, it’s critical to take a close look at your new pantry items as you bring them home. Before or as you transfer the goods into your storage containers, keep an eye out for bugs and egg casings and discard or return anything that is infested.

    Add a Bay Leaf

    If you want to take an extra measure to help make your pantry goods less appealing to pests, then just add a bay leaf to each of your food storage canisters. This herb has a pungent smell that will cause a wide range of pantry pests to look elsewhere for food.

    Keep Your Pantry Clean

    If you have a busy household and especially if you have any young kids, then food spills may be a regular event at home. To practice good pest control and to help keep your food bug-free, quickly clean up spills that occur on the floor or shelving of your pantry area. The longer you leave spilled food, the more likely it is to attract pests.

  • Pest Proofing Tips for Your Commercial Building

    When it comes to insect control for commercial buildings , pest proofing strategies are essential. Consider the following pest proofing tips to help avoid the need for commercial pest control in Pleasanton.

    Start by examining your waste disposal methods. Garbage should be sealed, kept in airtight receptacles, and disposed of regularly. Cleanliness is another important part of commercial pest control, so be sure that your facility is cleaned consistently. For some industries, daily cleaning can be essential. Next, keep an eye out for leaky pipes and plumbing fixtures, and have a commercial plumber inspect your building’s plumbing system for problems. This step is important because having excess water around is a sure way to make your building more attractive to bugs.

    Limiting access to your building is a critical component of a successful pest control strategy. To help keep insects outdoors, inspect your building’s exterior for any holes, cracks, and damage that may allow insects to make their way inside, and then repair these as needed.

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  • What Attracts Insects to Your Home?

    With the arrival of warmer weather, you’re likely to see more and more bugs emerging from overwintering sites in search of sustenance. To help avoid the need for pest extermination in Pleasanton , it’s important to make sure that your home isn’t an attractive source of food, water, or shelter for insects. Read on to learn what can attract bugs to your home. insect - home

    A Bug-Friendly Environment

    Depending on the state of your yard, it may provide an ideal environment for pests to live in and later migrate from to your home. As part of the insect control process, examine your outdoor areas for problems like standing water or poor drainage, clogged gutters, rotted fascia or shingles, and old tree stumps. Also, maintain your landscaping by preventing your lawn from growing too high and keeping mulch a minimum of 15 feet away from your foundation. Lastly, repair any damage to your gutters, improve your property’s drainage if necessary, and store firewood and building supplies at least 20 feet away from your home.

    Access to Your House

    The easier it is for bugs to get into your home, the more likely it is that they will access and infest it. To practice good pest control this season, walk around your property and look for access points that pests may use, such as tree branches that touch your roof or torn vent screens. Seal up any cracks, holes, and tears that your find in your home’s exterior and trim back overgrown trees and foliage.

    The Availability of Food

    Finally, eliminating sources of food for pests is one of the best ways to make your home less appealing to bugs. Start by placing any pet food or bird seed that you store outdoors into sealed containers. Next, check your trash and recycling bins for holes and functioning lids. Then, transfer your pantry items into airtight containers and ensure that pet food bowls are regularly emptied and cleaned. Removing sources of food in these ways can help prevent the need for professional pest control services.

  • Get a Glimpse of the Amazing Physics of Ants

    Scientists have found that ants can behave as both fluid and solid materials. In this video from The New York Times, you will take a glimpse at the amazing physical properties of ants. When working in the lab, scientists were able to observe all of the amazing ways that ant qualities behave when they encounter different obstacles. Understanding the behavior of ants can help you eliminate an ant infestation near Dublin.

    If you have started to notice ants around your home, do not hesitate to set up residential pest control services. A team of pest control experts can help you choose the pest removal services that are right for your property. Professional pest removal will help you take care of your ant problem in the best manner possible.

  • When to Call a Pest Control Company

    When you see a cockroach skittering across your floor or a trail of ants in your sink, you may not think it necessary to call a pest control company right away. However, you may be looking at just the beginning of an ant or cockroach infestation. Whether you see one or 20 pests in your home or office, you should call for pest control services in Dublin, CA as soon as possible.

    Many pests carry diseases and destruction with them. For example, cockroaches can carry E coli and salmonella, and they can increase breathing problems in asthma and allergy-sufferers. Ants contaminate food; bees and wasps can cause allergic reactions; and ticks can bring on Lyme disease. These pests and others can also cause significant damage to your home or building by making nests and burrowing in fixtures. The longer these pests are allowed to linger in your space, then the more damage they can cause to you and your home or building. Call your pest control company right away to get rid of these dangerous and annoying pests.

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