What Do Silverfish Do?

Many people have heard of silverfish, but they may not know much about this household pest. Due to the silverfish mating cycle, pest control experts are often working year-round to perform pest removal services serving Dublin . These annoying pests are not necessarily dangerous to humans, but they are very destructive and require prompt and effective pest extermination at the first sign of infestation. Here is a look at what silverfish do: silverfish - pest

Destroy Paper and Linen Products

The silverfish diet consists of mainly carbohydrates and starch. In addition to certain foods, carbohydrates can be found in paper and linen products. Silverfish can destroy any range of paper and linen products in your home. Often, you will find small holes and yellow staining left on items a silverfish has eaten. They can destroy your family photographs, important documents, clothes, and furniture. Silverfish have even been found to eat the glue in book bindings and wallpaper because it contains starch. If you find a paper or linen product with holes and staining on it, then call for professional pest control right away. If allowed, silverfish will continue to destroy your personal items.

Destroy Pantry Supplies

Since silverfish are attracted to carbohydrates, they tend to gravitate toward the pantry. They will look for foods that are high in carbohydrates, such as sugar, bread, oats, cereals, and flour. Once a silverfish has found its food supply, it will make its nest as close as possible. This means that much of your pantry could be at risk of contamination or infestation of silverfish.

Live for Years

Silverfish can live for several years, about 2 to 8, if the environmental conditions are right. Even if there are no food supplies, a silverfish can survive up to a year as long as it has access to a water supply. Within its lifetime, a female can lay up to 100 eggs. These eggs will hatch and eventually become adults within 3 to 4 months. Females can also lay eggs year-round, meaning that silverfish could appear at any time of the year.