Spotting Problems with Magnolia Trees

If your magnolia tree has been looking a little down, then you may need a tree disease diagnosis in Pleasanton. It is best to identify and correct potential diseases or pest infestations before they get out of hand. By correcting these problems early on, a professional can conduct pest treatment and tree disease treatments that will help save your magnolia tree.

As seen in this video, there are three potential diseases that can affect magnolia trees. Verticillium wilt is a type of fungus that will wilt branches and discolor leaves until the tree dies. Magnolia leaf blight can be spotted by the black or brown spots on leaves, cankers on the tree, and blackened twigs. Fungus can also damage your leaves and the tree. Tree disease diagnoses might include one of the previous illnesses or a pest infestation. You may need professional pest control to save your tree.