Treating and Preventing Stinging Insects on Your Property

A bee, wasp, hornet, or ant infestation on your property can be devastating, and typically requires professional pest control in Dublin . To reduce your risk of property damage and injury, you should know how to treat and get rid of ants and other stinging insects. If the following tips don’t effectively remove insects from your property, you must call an insect pest control company as soon as possible.


Eliminate Food and Water Sources Outside Your Home

Stinging insects are attracted to water and food in your yard or around the outside of your home. This particularly includes food and beverages that contain high levels of sugar, such as fruit juice, soda, jams, and jellies. If you spill a sugary beverage outside, be sure to clean it up thoroughly so that it won’t attract ants, bees, or wasps. You should keep your trash and recycling containers tightly sealed, and clean up any standing water around your yard. You should also eliminate water leaks, as insects will be attracted to a reliable water source.

Seal Up Entry Spots Around Your Home

To prevent an insect infestation in your home, you must seal up all potential entry spots. Patch any holes, cracks, or loose siding, as wasps and hornets can find these crevices and use them to build nests, and will eventually enter your home. Once these insects make their way into your home, you will need professional residential pest control services to remove them. Ants are capable of entering your home through even the smallest cracks, and you may need the help of an exterminator to effectively prevent an infestation.

Do Not Attempt Stinging Insect Pest Control On Your Own

If you do notice a wasp or hornet nest, a beehive, or an ant infestation on your property, you should never attempt to take care of it on your own. Attempting to remove bees, hornets, or wasps from your property can be incredibly dangerous to your health and the health of your family. You should contact a pest extermination expert as soon as possible.