• Why Cockroaches Are So Good at Surviving

    When your home is experiencing a cockroach infestation , it may feel like these nasty insects are nearly unstoppable. In this video from National Geographic, you will learn why cockroaches are so good at surviving. Since cockroaches are able to survive through being squeezed, squished, and mashed with incredible force, it is very hard to control them using physical methods. A company offering pest control near Dublin can provide you with the best available cockroach extermination methods.

    In order to achieve the best results from your pest control services, you will want to work with a team of experienced professionals. A company that provides insect pest control services will be familiar with the exclusion and extermination tactics that are needed to completely remove cockroaches from a property.

  • How Do Spiders Get Inside Your Home?

    If you are fearful of spiders, you will want to take all of the actions that are needed to prevent them from entering your indoor spaces. With assistance from a company that offers residential pest control serving Pleasanton , you can rest assured that your household is completely protected from spiders. During an insect pest control treatment, your technician will use proven pest removal services to make sure that your spider infestation has been exterminated completely.

    To ensure that your pest removal services are completely effective, it is helpful to learn about how spiders can enter a home. Typically, spiders will find their way indoors through tiny cracks and crevices around your doors, windows, and foundation. Sealing these cracks can go a long ways towards spider prevention. If you have additional questions about spider prevention on your property, be sure to get in touch with your pest control professional.

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  • What Are Sowbugs?

    If you have started to notice flat, oval shaped creatures roaming around your home and yard, there is a chance that you may have a sowbug infestation. The sowbug, which is also referred to as a wood louse, is a very common creature that can be found across the United States. Despite its name, the sowbug is not an insect, but is instead a land dwelling crustacean. A company that specializes in pest control near Dublin can help you eradicate a sowbug infestation on your property.

    As you are planning pest control services to help you deal with your sowbug problem, your exterminator may recommend that you take action in the yard surrounding your property. Removing a sowbug colony’s nesting areas is a highly effective method of pest control. If simple exclusion and habitat removal methods do not succeed in eliminating the sowbugs, your technician may recommend targeted pest extermination methods.

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  • Tips for Keeping Bugs Out of Your Restaurant This Season

    A pest control problem can cause serious problems for any commercial restaurant. Even a single insect can contaminate your food storage and deter your customers from returning to dine at your establishment. During the winter months, you can protect your restaurant from a cockroach or ant infestation by scheduling commercial pest control services. A company that offers pest control near Dublin can provide you with eco friendly pest control that is safe for a restaurant environment. If you are concerned about bug infestations during the upcoming winter season, here is a look at some tips for keeping insects away from your restaurant space. pest - control - restaurant

    Create a Thorough Cleaning Plan

    In order to keep bugs away from your commercial kitchen, you will want to make sure that you do not attract them in the first place. Food scraps and other tempting items can lure insects indoors when they are not cleaned up properly. To help prevent an insect infestation, you will want to instruct every member of your staff on your bug-proof cleaning plan.

    Use Proper Food Storage Techniques

    Insects can easily invade your food storage areas and ruin your bulk items if preventive measures are not taken. To make sure that your food storage does not become overrun by ants, cockroaches, or other unwelcome insects, you will want to make sure that you store all of your food items in tightly sealed containers. Keeping your food covered and sealed will go a long way towards discouraging insects.

    Encourage Open Dialogue About Bug Sightings

    If your restaurant does develop an insect problem, it is important to make sure that you take care of the issue right away. When you are training your staff, you can encourage your employees to speak up in the event that they notice a bug in your dining room or kitchen spaces. Catching your bug problem early will help you eliminate the problem quickly and discretely.

  • What Every Homeowner Should Know About Cockroaches

    Cockroaches are among the most dreaded pests that can enter and invade your home. When you notice even a single cockroach scurrying around your house, this is a sign that you may have a full blown cockroach infestation on your hands. A company that offers residential pest control and pest removal services serving Dublin will have the tools needed to remove your cockroach problem safely and effectively. Rather than wondering whether you have been able to wipe out your cockroach problem on your own, you will want to hire a professional pest control company to do the work for you. Here is a closer look at what every homeowner needs to know about cockroaches. cockroach - infestation

    Cockroaches Are Looking for Food and Shelter

    When a cockroach colony invades your home, they will be looking for the elements that they need to survive. Like other living creatures, cockroaches require food, water, and shelter in order to live and thrive. By failing to lock up food sources or leaving cracks in your doorways, you may be accidentally inviting cockroaches into your home.

    Cockroaches Live in Large Colonies

    If you have only spotted one or two cockroaches around your home, you may think that you do not have a significant insect problem. However, the presence of even a single cockroach can signal a massive infestation on your property. Since cockroaches prefer to live in large colonies, spotting one cockroach means that there are hundreds of others hiding around your home.

    Cockroaches Spread Harmful Diseases

    A cockroach infestation is a significant health hazard for any household. Cockroaches live and breed in unsanitary areas, which can cause them to carry harmful diseases, such as E. coli, salmonella, and other bacteria. Cockroaches are also known to contribute to indoor allergy symptoms. When you hire a professional extermination company to take care of your cockroach problem, you will be able to ensure that the health and safety of your family is protected.

  • Get a Glimpse of the Amazing Physics of Ants

    Scientists have found that ants can behave as both fluid and solid materials. In this video from The New York Times, you will take a glimpse at the amazing physical properties of ants. When working in the lab, scientists were able to observe all of the amazing ways that ant qualities behave when they encounter different obstacles. Understanding the behavior of ants can help you eliminate an ant infestation near Dublin.

    If you have started to notice ants around your home, do not hesitate to set up residential pest control services. A team of pest control experts can help you choose the pest removal services that are right for your property. Professional pest removal will help you take care of your ant problem in the best manner possible.

  • When to Call a Pest Control Company

    When you see a cockroach skittering across your floor or a trail of ants in your sink, you may not think it necessary to call a pest control company right away. However, you may be looking at just the beginning of an ant or cockroach infestation. Whether you see one or 20 pests in your home or office, you should call for pest control services in Dublin, CA as soon as possible.

    Many pests carry diseases and destruction with them. For example, cockroaches can carry E coli and salmonella, and they can increase breathing problems in asthma and allergy-sufferers. Ants contaminate food; bees and wasps can cause allergic reactions; and ticks can bring on Lyme disease. These pests and others can also cause significant damage to your home or building by making nests and burrowing in fixtures. The longer these pests are allowed to linger in your space, then the more damage they can cause to you and your home or building. Call your pest control company right away to get rid of these dangerous and annoying pests.

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  • Tips for Controlling Pests in Your Commercial Office

    There are many ways to control pests that enter your office or commercial building, such as cleaning up after your employees and hiring a commercial pest control company. For the health and wellbeing of your employees, customers, and business, you must do everything you can to keep the pests from invading your office . Continue reading for a few tips to control a cockroach or ant infestation near Dublin, CA. pest - control

    Tip #1: Clean Up Often

    It is essential that your office be regularly cleaned. This action helps prevent and control pests, but it also keeps your employees and customers much happier and willing to do business. Ensure that your employees and customers throw away their trash by setting up convenient trashcans throughout the office. Hire a commercial cleaner that will come into your office once a week or more to vacuum, empty trashcans, and dust throughout the space. These various steps will deter pests from making a home in your office because they will not have access to food or trash.

    Tip #2: Inspect Regularly

    Along with ensuring your employees clean up after themselves, encourage them to keep an eye out for pests or nests. Check dark or rarely-used areas, and make this step a part of your regular opening or closing duties. Various pest may hide or form nests in these areas; by checking on them, cleaning them, and looking for pests, you can deter any insects or other pests that might think it is a good place to hide.

    Tip 3: Hire Pest Control

    Whether your office has had a problem with pests or not, it is a good idea to have a pest control expert on hand. These professionals will know the correct areas of your office to inspect, and they will know what a pest or cockroach infestation looks like. Ask your pest control experts if there are maintenance and pest management programs set up to control the pests that might try to invade your office.

  • Where Do Fleas Come From?

    Fleas are a common pest found on animals and humans, warranting various kinds of pest treatments to kill them. They are a parasitic insect that causes intense itching in their hosts. However, not everyone knows where fleas come from and how they are transferred between hosts. Continue reading to learn more about the spread of fleas and pest control near Pleasanton, CA . flea - prevention

    Infested Wildlife

    One of the most common areas one might find fleas are on outdoor wildlife. Opossums, feral dogs and cats, raccoons, coyotes, and skunks are some of the common hosts that carry fleas. As the fleas congregate on the hosts’ bodies, they lay eggs. The wildlife hosts will walk throughout their environment, including an urban area, and the flea eggs will fall as the animals walk. Once the eggs become larvae and hatch from their cocoons, the adult fleas will jump on other animals nearby. Rarely do adult fleas transfer from host to host; this type of pest infestation typically occurs from dropped eggs.

    Covered Habitats

    When fleas are found, they are typically found in a shaded area. This area might be under a porch or deck where wild animals may congregate. Domestic cats and dogs can have fleas after laying down beneath a bush or other shaded area in their own backyard. Fleas and their eggs can only survive on a host or in a covered area. Sunny areas of a yard cannot support flea eggs and larvae.

    Infested Buildings

    Though it may be rare for an adult flea to transfer from one host to another, the eggs dropped by adult fleas can infest a nearby animal. If a domestic pet has been kenneled at a location that previously had a flea-infested animal, then the pet could easily become infested with fleas. The same goes for a home that has dormant fleas; new animals introduced to the area may soon have fleas. No matter the circumstance, if fleas are suspected, then commercial or residential pest control should be notified soon to perform a proper pest extermination.

  • Surprising Facts About Bees

    Even though pest control companies are often called about removing bees, they are still fascinating creatures. Some might consider bees a nuisance, eventually calling for pest control near Pleasanton, CA, but bees have many surprising facts that people may not know. Watch the video for a closer look at some surprising facts about bees.

    • Before bees evolved into the creatures they are today, their ancestors used to sting predators—effectively killing them—and lay their eggs in the body. The eggs actually came from the stinger itself. Over time, this reproductive ability evolved, and now stingers are only used for protection.
    • Female bees are dominant within the colony’s structure. They are typically stronger, produce honey, and have the ability to sting.
    • In order for honey to develop, it is regurgitated several times by various bees in the hive. This process gives the honey healthy, antimicrobial properties.