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Blog Posts in October, 2015

Removing Bees from Your Attic

Bees can make it difficult to enjoy a picnic or an outdoor sporting event, but invading your home is crossing the line. If you have bees in your attic, it is important to have them removed by an ...
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Identifying Spiders in California

Residential pest control serving Pleasanton takes care of all kinds of pests from bees to cockroaches and from ants to earwigs. This variety of pest services also extends into arachnid territory. You ...
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Controlling Pests at Your Commercial Space

When it comes to pest treatment near Dublin, your commercial property should be treated just like your home. No one wants to shop or work in a commercial space where there is a risk of being stung by ...
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Are There Earwigs in Your Home?

Few people enjoy the shock of finding a bug or other type of pest in the home that they work so hard to maintain, and yet it happens all the time. While some of these pests mind their own business, ...
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