Identifying Spiders in California

Residential pest control serving Pleasanton takes care of all kinds of pests from bees to cockroaches and from ants to earwigs. This variety of pest services also extends into arachnid territory. You may come across a wide array of different kinds of spiders in California, and it helps to know which ones you should stay away from until the professionals arrive. In order to do so, however, you must know how to identify these critters. Read on for help in identifying spiders in California. pest control in pleasanton, ca

While certain types of spiders may be indigenous to specific areas, there is no counting out the chance of finding one that has strayed far from home. Cross, Orchard, and Spotted Orbweavers typically call California home. Cross Orbweavers like to spend their time sitting face down on their webs, which resemble wheels. They are also known for the cross pattern of white spots on their abdomens . Orchard Orbweavers look substantially different and are identified by their green, gold, and silver colors. This type of spider tends to hang from its horizontal web. The summer-loving Spotted Orbweaver tends to be orange or red in hue, although their colors and patterns range. They spin large webs near outdoor lights.

Not all kinds of spiders are known for their web-spinning prowess. Others, like Gray Wall Jumpers, are recognized for their tendency to attach themselves to the outsides of buildings. These spiders have travelled far from their home territory by riding on luggage. Bold Jumpers would be just about all black if it were not for the triangle-shaped patches on their abdomens. Zebra Jumpers are named for the designs on their abdomens that resemble zebra stripes.

House Spiders
If you are a homeowner in California, you may be most worried about the spiders you might find in your home. The common house spider, which is also known as Parasteatoda tepidariorum, is small and brown and may be identified by its brown egg sacs. Southern house spiders also have a tendency to set themselves up inside the home, and their females may live until their eighth birthdays.