• What to Do When There Is a Wasp Nest on Your Property

    Wasps are a common reason why people need summertime pest control near Dublin. If you’ve spotted a wasp nest on your property, then it’s best not to attempt removal on your own, but to instead contact a professional pest removal service . This step is to help ensure both your safety and that of anyone nearby. Some individuals can have a severe or even fatal reaction to wasp stings, so it’s better to be safe in these situations.

    The right pest treatment for the wasps on your property will depend on your preferences and needs, as well as the type of wasp that you have. Various species create different types of nests, and they build their nests in a variety of locations. Wasps inside walls are the most difficult to eradicate, and most attempts at removal that are made by inexperienced individuals only worsen the problem. For these reasons, if you hear buzzing coming from within your walls, then consider contacting a pest control company right away.

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  • How to Take Care of Your Lawn

    Lush, healthy lawns can add a lot to the appearance of your business. If your commercial property features plenty of grassy areas, then you can probably benefit from commercial pest control and tractor mowing services in Dublin. These features can each provide a vital service in helping you care for your lawn.

    Successful lawn care relies on a few major factors. First, it’s essential that your grass receives enough water and nutrients for it to continue growing and maintain its natural resistance to pests and disease. Second, regularly trimming your lawn to the ideal height for your grass type and the season will help keep your lawn healthy and can prevent mold growth.

    A problem that can drastically affect the quality and appearance of your lawn is a bug infestation. There are a variety of insects, such as grasshoppers, beetles, and grubs, which can feed on and damage your grass, leaving it unattractive and possibly in a weakened state. If you suspect that your lawn has a bug problem, contact a lawn spraying company for pest treatment right away.

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  • Tips for Mouse-Proofing Your House

    The first step in mouse-proofing your home is to perform a thorough inspection around your property and locate any entry points that mice could use to sneak into your home. Look for small openings around exhaust pipes, plumbing, and air conditioning equipment. Mice can squeeze through entry points that are no bigger than 1/4 th of an inch wide. Use caulking, weather stripping, or hardware cloth to seal up these entry points and keep mice at bay. Watch this video for more mouse-proofing tips.

    Even with all the best prevention methods in the world, mice and other rodents can still find their way into your home. If you believe rodents are making themselves at home, contact a pest control provider in San Jose, CA to develop an effective strategy for dealing with rats, mice, and other types of rodents.

  • Getting Rid of Mice in Your House

    Getting Rid of Mice in Your House

    Getting Rid of Mice | Performance Pest Management

    Having mice in your home can be a serious problem. If you would rather deal with the problem yourself than call an exterminator or residential pest control service in Pleasanton , there are a few methods you can use. Watch this video for tips on getting rid of mice in your house.

    A common practice in ridding your house of mice is setting mousetraps. If you have seen mice in certain areas, those should be the first to be targeted. Entice them with chocolate or peanut butter, and set them liberally. After a while, rearrange your furniture and set new traps in different areas. Make sure that doors leading to the outside of your house have sweeps to prevent access by mice.

    If you cannot get rid of mice using strategically placed mousetraps, talk to a pest treatment and removal service to make sure that you deal with your mouse problem efficiently.

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