What Pests Are Dangerous to Your Pets?

Residential pest control services don’t just protect your family from the dangers of disease-carrying insects. They also help to protect your pet. Talk to your pest control services provider in Dublin to make sure your pet is protected from these common invaders. dog - bee

Fire Ants

Fire ants cause painful stings in humans, but for animals, they can be dangerous. Cats are vulnerable to fire ant stings. That is because fire ants leave their stingers behind, and the stingers can continue to release toxins. The toxin can be overwhelming to cat’s bodies, especially when a small cat receives a large amount of toxin. Likewise, some cats are allergic to fire ants and go into anaphylactic shock after being stung. Your pest control specialist can help you get rid of ants on your property to keep your animals safe.


Spiders can be dangerous for humans and animals alike. Pets are more vulnerable to toxins from spiders because of their smaller size. Even bites that don’t cause serious health symptoms can cause pets a significant amount of discomfort. Black widow and brown recluse spiders are the most dangerous to pets. If you notice any of these poisonous spiders near your property or an increase in the amount of spiders near your home in general, discuss your options with your pest control specialist.

Wasps and Bees

Bees and wasps are scary for all members of your family. For pets, bee and wasp stings are painful and can cause serious allergic reactions. Pets that have been stung once are actually more likely to have a dangerous reaction on subsequent stings. Although bees and wasps are dangerous to your loved ones, don’t ever try to remove a nest yourself. Nest removal can cause the bees or wasps to attack you and any of your family members who are nearby. Let a professional pest control company handle the removal for you, as they have the proper training and safety equipment.