Diagnosing Plant Diseases

If you have a diseased tree in your yard, you may be looking for plant disease diagnosis in Dublin , CA. There are several negative consequences that can arise when you do not get proper tree disease treatment. First of all, unhealthy trees can look unsightly in your yard, negating all of the hard work you put into your landscape, such as weed control and pest treatment. Second, plant disease can spread from your tree to other parts of your property. That’s why plant disease diagnosis and treatment is an important part of lawn care.

The process of diagnosing a plant disease involves examining patterns of abnormality in the plant and investigating its various parts. There are several common tree diseases, many of which are caused by fungi. That’s why a professional will often use fungicides to treat your diseased tree. However, tree diseases can also be caused by pest infestation. If a professional has determined that your tree does not have a fungal disease, he or she may suggest a pest treatment to improve the health of the tree.

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