Keeping Spiders Away from Your Home

Spiders provide a range of services like catching and eating other insects, but they can cause a psychological disturbance if you find them in your home. Although your exterminator servicing Dublin can provide spider treatment to rid your house of these pests, there are also several steps you can take to keep them from infiltrating in the first place. These steps include securing the perimeter of your house, eliminating clutter, and using your outdoor lights conservatively. Here are a few tips for keeping spiders away from your home.

Bolster Entry Points insect treatment in dublin, ca Spiders are, in a sense, like small criminals who plan on breaking into your house. Fortunately, you can prevent them from entering using methods similar to those you would use to protect yourself from a home invasion. Make sure windows and exterior doors are closed at night, especially if they do not include screens. Seal all cracks and crevices around the exterior of your home as well. Many homeowners are unaware of spiders’ aversion to citrus smells like lemon . Rub an open lemon around your window frames and doors to ward off the spiders; this is convenient because many humans enjoy the smell of citrus.

Keep Your Home Clean
Although spiders are guests that you did not invite into your home, it may be appropriate to clean up for the occasion anyway. This is especially true when it comes to the outside of your home. Spiders thrive in dark areas where there is plenty of debris to offer them shelter. You might find spiders in your garden or in piles of wood, so it helps to clean these areas up or keep your plants and your lumber at a distance from your home. You can also clean out cobwebs to let these intruders know that you are onto them.

Keep Outdoor Lights to a Minimum
You may notice moths, beetles, and other bugs gravitating towards your outdoor lighting fixtures. As if this gathering of pests is not annoying enough, it will also appear as a jackpot for any spiders lurking around in the area.