How to Spot Stinging Insects

Some pests are merely nuisances, but others can cause disease, damage, and physical pain. If you spot a stinging insect or its nest in your backyard or at your workplace, it is important to call your exterminator near Dublin as soon as possible. Bee, wasp, and yellow jacket control can help you keep your family and employees safe and productive. If you are suspicious that you might have a stinging insect problem but you are not yet positive, continue reading for a few tips on how to spot stinging insects.

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Like any other pest, bees come in a variety of different species. You are probably familiar with carpenter bees and bumblebees, but are you able to easily differentiate between them? Rather than nesting, carpenter bees form galleries inside lumber and wooden structures. You might find them in an old decaying tree stump, but rarely within fresh, painted wood. They may grow to be about an inch in size , and share similar physical characteristics with bumblebees. Bumblebees grow to about the same size but are fuzzy all over their bodies, whereas carpenter bees typically do not have fur on the top of their abdomen. Contrary to some myths, bumblebees can sting you.

Although use the term “bee” for most stinging insects, certain types of hornets do not much resemble bees at all. Bald-faced hornets are prominently black, but they have white faces and do not show any yellow. These stinging insects use paper cartons to build their nests, which are typically high up above the ground. European hornets may grow larger than an inch and share a closer resemblance to bees, since they have brown and yellow stripes. Like their bald-faced counterparts, European hornets also build their nests out of paper and in high up locations.

The trick to avoiding a sting by a paper wasp is to leave its nest alone. These insects create open nests that resemble an umbrella in shape, and they are very defensive when it comes to protecting them. These wasps tend to be mainly brown with some red or yellow features.