Spotting the Signs of a Rodent Infestation

Have you seen a rat or mouse scurrying around inside your home? If so, there’s a chance you have a rodent infestation. It’s important to call an exterminator if you suspect a rodent infestation, because it only takes three weeks for a female to give birth to more than a dozen young. For effective rodent control in Pleasanton and surrounding areas, call Performance Pest Management. Spotting the Signs of a Rodent Infestation Pleasanton

Use a flashlight to check the dusty areas of your house for footprints or trail marks. If you notice tracks, look closely at them to see what type of rodent you have in your home. Mice have feet that measure about 3/8 inch or less, while rat tracks are usually between 3/4 and 1 inch. Rats drag their tail on the ground, so you may see a mark in between tracks if you have a rat problem.

Rodent Noises
If you hear squeaking, rustling, or scampering around your home, chances are you have a rodent problem . Noises are typically more apparent at night, when you’re going to bed and they are starting to wake up.

Urine, Grease, and Droppings
Rodents produce a prolific amount of waste. You will probably see small mounds of dirt, urine, and droppings around the house if you have a rodent infestation. You may also notice grease marks—this is the oil and dirt found in a rodent’s coat.

Nibble Marks
If you see small holes or gnaw marks in your food packaging, there is a good chance you have a rodent problem on your hands. Rodents do this to keep their incisor teeth sharp. You may also notice gnaw marks on wood, electrical wires, and even dog food.

Rodents build their nests from materials such as shredded paper, twigs, grass, furniture stuffing, and fabric. Nests are commonly found in dressers, behind appliances, and inside machinery such as computer cases.