Answers to Your Questions About Bed Bugs

Residential and commercial pest control in Pleasanton, CA may include a number of services including ant treatment and rodent removal. Unfortunately, most people do not contact pest removal services until they have a pest control problem, so they rarely know how to prevent or deal with these problems in advance. Read on if you are interested in obtaining answers to your questions about bed bugs. Answers to Your Questions About Bed Bugs Pleasanton

Where Do Bed Bugs Live?
Bed bugs tend to be excellent survivors , which makes their infestations particularly difficult to completely eradicate. These pests have been associated with developing countries in the past but are now found all over the world. They like to infest areas where humans tend to sleep and, contrary to popular belief, they are not particular to low-income or dirty spaces; bed bugs are just as happy invading high quality hotels and apartments. These insects are commonly found in areas where multiple different people sleep, such as hotels, dorm buildings, and apartments; they also have a habit of infesting trains, buses, and other areas of heavy human traffic. Inside the home they typically live in bed frames, dressers, or even inside mattresses.

Are They Dangerous?
Many people who notice that they have bed bugs frantically call their pest treatment professionals because they are scared of disease and infection. Although bed bugs may be just as unwelcome as other pests, they do not carry disease and thus should not be considered a threat to public health. However, bed bug bites affect different people in different ways; while some do not react to their bites at all, others may experience itching, small marks, or allergic reactions. Unfortunately, those who experience itching may sometimes scratch to the point of secondary infection, and multiple allergic reactions may warrant the attention of a medical professional.

How Can You Treat an Infestation?
If you are suspicious that you may have a bed bug infestation, it is wise to call an exterminator or pest control professional immediately. If you live in an apartment complex or you rent a home, you should also talk to your landlord about pest control options.