Diagnosing Some Common Plant Diseases

Your home’s landscaping plays a major role in the curb appeal and value of your property. Whether you are planning on selling your home, or are simply seeking a more effective plant management strategy, it is important to be on the lookout for some common tree and plant diseases. Along with weed control, plant disease treatment is among the most important types of professional garden management services that you can schedule for your home. A company offering pest control near Pleasanton can assist you with a full range of pest treatment and plant disease diagnosis services for your property. To help you decide when it is time to contact your yard and pest treatment company, here is a closer look at some of the most common plant diseases. plant disease diagnosis

Leaf Spot

Leaf spot is a disease that can affect many different trees and plants in your garden. When a plant is affected by leaf spot , you may find that the leaves of the diseased plant show signs of black or brownish spots. These spots are typically ringed by yellow markings. Leaf spot can often be treated with topical treatments that are applied to the surface of the leaf, itself.

Downy or Powdery Mildew

Mildew is another common disease that can be found in plants and trees around the country. In the winter months, cooler temperatures and high humidity can cause mildew to form on the leaves of a plant. Downy mildew usually appears as light brown spots, whereas powdery mildew will leave a light dusting of white powder on the surface of a leaf. Mildew can also indicate the presence of other diseases on a plant’s structure.

Damping Off

During the winter and spring seasons, excessive rainfall and humidity can cause a disease that is commonly known as damping off. Damping off occurs when fungi begin to grow in very damp soil. The spores of the fungus will begin to grow on the roots and base of a plant, causing serious damage around the soil line. Your pest management professional can diagnose and eliminate any disease that is plaguing the plants on your property.