Essential Weed Control Tips

Not all pests cause problems within the house; some spring up out of your ground, leaving you with an unsightly lawn or garden. If you are tired of these unwanted growths ruining your landscaping, it may be time for you to call for weed control near San Ramon. Exterminating specialists can offer commercial and residential weed control services to help you with your problem. You should also know when to weed your lawn and how you can stop weed growth on your own. Read on for a few essential weed control tips.

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Wet Weeding Versus Dry Weeding
It tends to be a bit easier to rid your garden of those nasty weeds when they are soaking wet. You might want to consider keeping an eye on the weather and planning to weed your lawn after the next heavy rainstorm. Grab a dry towel to sit down on, a bag or bucket for the weeds you remove, and your trusty gardening gloves before heading outside to do your tidying. If you need to do some weeding as soon as possible and cannot hold off until after the next storm, cut down your weeds just below the level of the soil. If you know what you are doing, weed control can be simple regardless of the conditions.

Be Wary of Hidden Weed Seeds
Weed seeds are everywhere, but there is a trick to keeping them from germinating: Keep them buried. You might find that the more digging you do in your garden, the more weeds you find popping up. This typically occurs because you have brought dormant weed seeds to the top layer of the soil where they can begin to grow . It is wise to cut your weeds near the roots rather than digging them up and awakening hidden weed seeds.

Starve Them Out
If you want to prevent weeds from growing, make sure they do not get the water they need. Irrigate your plants strategically through drip irrigation or, if you have the time and patience, water them by hand. Starving your weeds of sustenance can inhibit seeds from growing.